Five Ways to Reduce Cost with RecordPoint

5 Ways to Reduce Cost with RecordPoint

One of the easiest ways to show a return on investment is to reduce costs. You do this by eliminating costs, gaining efficiency in people’s time, or via cost reduction. In the Gartner insight paper titled: “Follow Three Principles to Improve User Adoption of Records Management Tools”, they recommend the following to increase overall ROI of a records management system.

How Office 365 Has Changed Information Architecture [Video]

Office 365 changes the information architecture game with modern team sites, communications sites, teams, and other new functionality. If you are tasked with records management, knowledge management, or other information management decisions how does this functionality affect you? Sarah Haase, Enterprise Collaboration Strategist & Corporate Librarian, answers these questions and also touches on end user adoption of these new technologies.

Reduce Complexity with RecordPoint

Reduce Complexity with RecordPoint

Complexity is the enemy of productivity. If something is too difficult people will procrastinate and avoid it. The best way to escape this is to create processes and interfaces that are easy to use and enable the end users to accomplish tasks that are core to their job descriptions. RecordPoint has made it our mission to reduce the complexity of records management for your organization.

Why User Experience Matters in Records Management

Whether or not they have heard or know about UX, all technology users are being exposed to good and bad user experiences every day. And the fact that the most valuable company in the world as of today, Apple, uses design to differentiate their products has influenced other businesses to value design in their own offerings. UX is just as important in records management – here is why.

Records365 vNext Demo Video

For highly regulated and public enterprises, Records365 vNext is a records and information management solution that helps businesses manage their regulatory, legal and information governance requirements, across multiple content sources, in relation to electronic and physical records.


Reduce Risk with Modern Records Management

Did you know that the typical documents and records lifecycle puts your organization at risk for fines from non-compliance, or worse lose customer because you don’t have the details? Do you know how to reduce or eliminate these risks? At RecordPoint, we’ve come up with a new way of thinking about the documents and records lifecycle that reduces risk and makes the records management process more efficient.