RecordPoint extends Financial Services footprint

RecordPoint is thrilled to announce that Bank of New Zealand is the latest financial institution to select Records365 as its enterprise cloud compliance platform

June 7, 2022
January 24, 2024
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Sydney, Australia (7 June 2022) – RecordPoint is thrilled to announce that Bank of New Zealand (“BNZ”) has selected Records365 as its enterprise cloud compliance platform.

Bank of New Zealand is one of New Zealand’s largest banks, employing more than 5000 people and providing services to Personal, Business, Agri and Private wealth clients since its establishment in 1861.

With Records365, BNZ will gain improved data classification, management, and retention capabilities across its federated array of systems and information platforms. This will improve the organization’s compliance and privacy posture while driving enhanced productivity and collaboration capabilities for all staff.

RecordPoint’s growing financial services portfolio demonstrates the organisation’s investment across the sector, with a focus on enhanced data analysis features and maintaining a strong cybersecurity posture.

RecordPoint has supported the financial services industry since launch in 2009, with customers like National Australia Bank, Delaware Life Insurance Company, and Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), plus industry regulators ASIC, Australian Prudential Regulation Authority and the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions Canada.

RecordPoint chief executive Elon Aizenstros said: “This win is a testament to the significant investment RecordPoint has and continues to make in platform and security operations.”

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