Application Retirement

Retire legacy applications with confidence

Know what structured and unstructured data is in your legacy environments to make informed decisions about retention and disposal before retirement, free up resources, and improve compliance.

Slash legacy application costs – storage, maintenance, and licensing

Retiring legacy applications can result in substantial savings by reducing storage, optimizing computing resources, and lowering licensing fees. Eliminating outdated applications becomes easier when you have a comprehensive data inventory, so you know exactly what you need to retain and what you can safely dispose.

Simplify and modernize IT operations for optimal resource utilization

After transferring data to the RecordPoint Platform and retiring legacy applications, IT teams can efficiently redirect resources towards valuable and current projects and still maintain the ability to search and retrieve important data.

Mitigate security vulnerabilities from outdated applications

Outdated applications can be highly susceptible to potential breaches. Application retirement can help strengthen your overall data security posture, ensuring a robust defence against cyber threats.

Transition retained data into the RecordPoint platform for the remainder of its lifecycle

Guarantee the retention and integrity of your data while upholding the capability to efficiently search and implement legal holds. By preserving critical data in RecordPoint, you can achieve compliance while phasing out expensive legacy applications.

Find out how RecordPoint can help with compliant legacy application retirement