An automatic and compliant records management solution

Forget manual management – discover all your data, handle it correctly, and trust that it’s safe and accurate.


Automate records management for more certainty and less work

Discover, categorize, track, and manage the authenticity of data in one place, without changing the way you work.

  • Manage in-place: Know where to find the data you need without moving documents for compliance.
  • Connectors: Connect to thousands of structured and unstructured data sources.
  • Classification intelligence: Use AI and ML to consistently apply rules at scale and reduce human error.
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Keep what you need, safely dispose of what you don’t

Find the information you need faster by properly removing unnecessary data to reduce costs while staying compliant.

  • Defensible disposal: Remove legal risk by disposing of records based on classification.
  • Data storage: Only keep data for as long as you need to reduce data storage costs.
  • Archiving: Store and archive data efficiently and define rules to automatically and safely dispose of data.

Maintain authenticity and track changes.

Capture every data change and ensure you’re disposing of data in a legal, auditable way.

  • Proven governance: Know your data is authentic so you can defensibly destroy data and protect your organization in legal matters and audits.
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Hands-off management

Let RecordPoint connectors capture every bit of data and manage it without any intervention from your team.

Consolidated content

Maintain a single source of truth for legal and compliance audit efforts and properly secure data that’s part of a legal proceeding.

Consistent processes

Capture data and metadata from all targeted sources, categorize it, and retain or dispose of it with unyielding consistency you can trust.


A better way to manage your data

Reduce storage costs

Remove data you don’t need and can legally destroy, and archive data that needs to be kept for long term.

Reduce risk

Maintain providence and stay audit-proof by showing you’re compliant with all data and document storage requirements.

Get more insights and value from your data

Maintain one source of truth and consistency of controls across all your data sources.

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