Ditch the data you don’t need

Avoid risk and manage all your information more easily by safely removing unnecessary server-clogging data.


Discover the data that matters faster

When you have less data to search, you can find what you need faster, make quicker decisions, and stay ahead of the competition. With RecordPoint, you can do this while strengthening your data security and staying compliant with data regulations.

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Earn your customers’ trust

Show your customers you’re handling their data with care by only collecting the data you need, removing risks, respecting and exceeding regulatory requirements.

Cut costs across the organization

Save money by understanding where data is stored, reducing storage costs, lowering risk, and removing personally identifiable information.


Clear policies

Build customer trust with an articulate, reportable disposal process that shows why and how data was removed.

Storage savings

Identify and safely remove duplicate and ROT data, often greatly reducing the storage you need to pay for.

Proven governance

Track data’s authenticity and provenance for defensible destruction, protecting your organization in legal matters and audits.


A better way to manage your data

Improved security & storage

Ensure your data is in the right place with right controls.

Reduced fines & risk

Build data privacy, protect against audits, and increase providence as part of your business process.

More efficiency

Use AI and ML to find and manage data at scale.


Assure your customers their data is safe with you

Protect your customers and your business with
the Data Trust Platform.