We process records behind the scenes so you can get on with just doing your job without worrying about managing records.

Automation of Records

Reduce the administrative burden of manually classifying records with our automated policy engine.
It manages the capture, classification, finalisation and disposal of all content types so you don’t have to.

Lower TCO

Reduce your costs by leveraging your existing IT investments in Microsoft software, skills and infrastructure. Offload infrequently accessed content to less expensive storage or even move it to the cloud.

Compliance Anywhere

With RecordPoint’s Connector series, you can efficiently maintain records compliance across multiple repositories and content sources. Manage records in SharePoint, Office 365, Fileshares and Social Media – all from one central place.


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Features to Record your World

Advanced Rules Engine

Classify, retain, and manage content by creating rules that connect semantic patterns (metadata and other structures in SharePoint) to a record classification or file plan

Centralised Dashboard

Manage your entire information governance program across the Microsoft cloud using Office 365 and Azure or on premise with SharePoint

Classification / File Plan

Build hierarchical classification or file plans within RecordPoint or use a third party tool and import them


Manage the disposition of records and files that have reached the end of their retention


Centralised management of legal and organisational policy holds and eDiscovery across all of your SharePoint and Office 365 environments


Simplify organisational changes using RecordPoint's export and import capabilities

  • RecordPoint Software’s innovation in adapting a practical and flexible document management and collaboration platform such as SharePoint so that it can ‘tick the box’ on records compliance was the key reason we use RecordPoint. Trevor Bradley, Information Asset Manager at Homestart Finance
  • With RecordPoint NATS will have the necessary tools to rollout a records platform based on SharePoint to the whole organisation. Stephen Howard, Head of Information Management at NATS

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