The world needs more transparent data management. RecordPoint needs you.

We build software that drives compliance and transparency for data management — something the world needs more of. We use cutting-edge technology to disrupt this industry and break the cycle of reactive information management. We believe that continuous innovation and improvement is the only way forward. To achieve our goals, we need a motivated, empowered, and capable team. That means we need you.


Open Positions

Take a look at our available positions. If you don’t see an exact fit for your skills and experience, don’t let that stop you. Please get in touch.

Are you just starting out?
Our Graduate Program may be for you!

Whether you’re just getting started in the industry or you’re reskilling into a new career, RecordPoint’s graduate program may be for you! Check out more information here at our Graduate Program page.

What it’s like to work at RecordPoint


Work-life balance

We’re a fully flexible team with staff all over the world. We collaborate globally and are never too busy to answer a question or send someone in the right direction. We believe in hiring adults and treating them like adults — manage your own time, work hard, and do work you love with a schedule that works for you.


We foster an environment of inclusion and equality. We believe everyone brings unique perspectives and distinct, incredible qualities to their work. We are open to and supportive of our employees and contractors, regardless of race, gender, age, or sexual orientation. Diversity of thought and experience drives innovation — we’re always looking for out-of-the-box answers.

Recordpoint values

The guiding principles for how we work at RecordPoint are:

  • Customer success comes first
  • Transformative ideas can come from anywhere
  • Simplicity and transparency win the day
  • We embrace fearless imagination and vision
  • We strive for success and celebrate victories

We encourage our RecordPointers to live and recognise these values everyday through micro-bonusing programs and peer recognition. You can read more about them on the company page.

Hear from the team

In this article, the RecordPoint team shares what it's like to work at the company. Discussions cover benefits, the offices, growth and personal development, flexibility, and team culture.



Generous learning and training allowances for every RecordPointer.


Access to Employee Stock Ownership Plan.

Great equipment

Top of the range hardware and home fit-out for remote staff.

Career pathways

Incredible graduate program and career progression pathways for all levels.

Cutting edge tech

Opportunity to use cutting edge technology; ML, Kubernetes, Microservices, Azure, Python and more.

Social impact

RecordPoint is making a positive impact on society.


Application Process


Click apply on one of the roles above and don't forget to attach your resumé — we're interested in understanding the journey that got you here.

If the role you think you’re looking for isn’t listed, write to us at to tell us why we’re a great fit for each other.

Please showcase one or two projects you've worked on recently and tell us what you think we should know about them. Highlight your specific contribution or role – we are keen to hear your story and learn more about you.

Have a chat with us

We’ll tell you about us, the role, the team, our culture and values and help you understand if RecordPoint might be the right fit for you. We use this opportunity to understand more about you than we can from your resume, talk about why you’re interested in the role, discuss your previous experience, and understand your salary expectations.

Show us your role-specific skills and meet your team

This is a practical challenge that is applicable to the role you’ve applied for, which will be completed in advance of your second interview with us. Your responses will form the basis of a discussion with two members of the team you’ve applied for - your future colleagues!

Meet your manager

We’ll discuss the day-to-day of your role, what you’ll do, how the team works, how you’re measured, and what success looks like. It’s also a great opportunity to build rapport with your future manager and to ask the questions you need answers to before making any kind of career decisions.

Get an offer

After we have successfully completed reference checks, we’ll send you an offer and have a call to go through all the details with you.

Become a RecordPointer!


What our clients say about us

"Your company is truly upstanding and is behind its product 100%. It's the perfect solution for our business. It has really helped our business.""Your company is truly upstanding and is behind its product 100%. It's the perfect solution for our business. It has really helped our business."

Cathleen Sun

CEO of

"Your company is truly upstanding and is behind its product 100%. It's the perfect solution for our business. It has really helped our business."

Cathleen Sun

CEO of


Are you just starting out or
reskilling into a new career?

RecordPoint’s Graduate Program may be for you.