What it’s like to work at RecordPoint

The RecordPoint team shares what it's like to work at the company. Discussions cover benefits, the offices, growth and personal development, flexibility, and team culture.

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February 7, 2023
What it’s like to work at RecordPoint

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Every company wants to be recognized as an employer of choice, and as such, in-demand hires are presented with a lot of hype, a good deal of half-truths, and a lot of discussion of table tennis tables and beer taps.  It’s hard to seperate the truth from the noise, and dig down past the perks to the cultural tenets that make a business an enjoyable place to spend a quarter of your week, and somewhere truly worthy of pouring in your passion, enthusiasm, curiosity and hard work.  

As RecordPoint’s VP of People, and the conductor of our cultural interview stage for all potential hires, it’s safe to say I’ve conducted a fair few interviews. There are some things that always get asked, and as much as I love talking about what we have built here, it might be time to automate myself and scale those conversations into a deeper dive than just the facts. So let’s lay out some of those facts here, and then get some RecordPointer's perspective on what it’s really like to work at RecordPoint.

RecordPoint's mascot, Rex, wearing their preferred tiny sombrero
RecordPoint's mascot, Rex, wearing their preferred headgear: a tiny sombrero

Why should people work at RecordPoint?

  • Exceptional company culture
  • Transparency from management
  • Empowerment for all roles and advancement opportunities
  • Collaborative and supportive environment
  • Venture-backed and profitable
  • Flexible work environment
  • The chance to work on a product that provides REAL social good.

Let’s discuss that last point first: in a world of ever-present security threats and an ongoing tide of privacy regulation, our product is built to enable organizations to keep up.

RecordPoint is the Data Trust Platform, giving organizations a competitive edge with safer, more secure, better-managed data. The platform brings calm to the chaotic world of data, letting organizations discover, govern, and control their data for tighter compliance, more efficiency, and less risk. Organizations can trust their data is accurate, private, and safe everywhere, all the time, for consistent confidence that’s backed by RecordPoint expertise and support.

RecordPoint’s values are on our website, but they’re also part of our everyday lexicon, and everyone from our graduates to our CEOs have ownership of living them everyday. Transparency is something we take so seriously that our CFO runs a company-wide brown bag at the close of each quarter to walk through our business position.  

What is the office like?

  • Modern fully equipped offices in Sydney, Melbourne + Seattle
  • Flexible and remote options fully supported
  • Relocation between office locations available  
  • All the mod cons + end of trip facilities
  • Monthly social events run by our Culture Club

We’re keeping our office lights on, but maintaining a flexible work environment. Our graduate program means that we have a brilliant next generation of talent looking for mentors and asking questions, so we want to provide them with every advantage that we all had at the start of our careers; face-to-face contact, mentors, and the ability to learn by witnessing the ad-hoc in person.

How is the work-life harmony?

  • Rated excellent by 88% of staff
  • Global team and clients so some contact outside 9-5 in some roles
  • Flexible hours to suit your life

We're a flexible company that hires adults and expects them to behave as such. Picking up the kids? Doctors visits? That's all part of life. If the work is done and your team and manager have what they need, we're all good. We’re not watching the clock, we’re busy looking at outcomes.

Are there opportunities and systems for Professional Development?

  • Budget per RecordPointer allocated to growth and learning
  • Dedicated time for learning
  • Focus and encouragement from your manager
  • All relevant certifications are paid for by us
  • Progression opportunities at all levels

We’re the disruptor in a market full of established systems; our ML/AI capabilities, the breadth of our Connector API suite and the capability to manage records in place are all technology capabilities that set us apart. When we set our staff up to learn, play, test and fail (safely), we’re doing RecordPoint a favor by not only fostering a learning mindset, but building the capabilities for us to continue to innovate for the future.

What are the employee benefits?

  • Flexible work arrangements
  • 4 weeks paid vacation
  • 1 free mental health day
  • Employee Share Options for all staff
  • Paid parental leave
  • 401 k matching, company-paid health benefits (medical dental, and vision), life and disability insurance for US staff.  
  • Company and team offsites.

Show, don’t tell*

As much as these perks have become the norm, at least on paper, I think it’s really important to recognize that the execution is what really matters. Myself and the rest of the management team are dedicated to delivering a great employee experience, one filled with care, consideration and respect. But of course, I would say that. But if you don’t believe me, ask my staff.

* Technically, yes, they will still be telling.

What's the company culture like?  

The company fosters a family environment where we’re encouraged to work collaboratively, seek and to give help, be transparent in our communications and to give everyone an opportunity to share their ideas. I am part of the fun committee where we organise events and activities to encourage everyone to get together to have fun and to build camaraderie.

Belinda Leong – Product Engineer, Melbourne

At RecordPoint everyone cares about each other. For example, for the past couple of years we have had mental health days to rest up and recharge. We have many events where we get together and have some fun, whether that be our internal innovation days, games afternoons or even a table tennis game to take a break.

Brad Rego, Associate Software Engineer, Seattle

A group of RecordPointers enjoying Halloween with Black Panther
A group of RecordPointers (and Black Panther) enjoying Halloween

What’s the best bit about working at RP?  

For me the single best thing is the ability to play where it matters. Our product is being used by larger and larger customers. Their challenges are like our smaller customers but on a bigger scale. Our trend to helping larger and larger organisations with their data management challenges allows those involved to seek greater satisfaction in building something truly scalable and satisfying.

When I first joined, we were dealing with medium sized Federal government agencies, and starting to work with a larger financial institution. At the end of the first year, we were in production with our first ASX 200 customer and were courting multiple larger opportunities. Now 12 months further on, we are servicing multiple world leading organisations and have the attention of many more. As a product person, the ability to engage with and solve problems for these agencies is a reason to get out of bed every day!

Kris Brown - VP of Product, Brisbane

The best thing about working at RecordPoint has been the care and support I’ve received from the whole team whilst going through a long and difficult illness. At my most vulnerable, the team stepped up and we never let each other down.

Korena Miller – Graphic Designer, Sydney

Are there opportunities and systems for Professional Development?

RecordPoint has a great culture of informal mentoring and development. There’s also a learning and training program that encourages people to learn new skills and to pick up certifications. RecordPoint supported me when I decided to do a Master's degree, and they gave me opportunities to leverage all the new stuff I learned at work. It’s helped us deliver industry-first capabilities, such as our machine learning product and helped to inform our decisions about product architecture as well as new feature offerings.

Jason Franks – Principal Data Scientist, Melbourne

I joined RecordPoint six years ago fresh out of university with very limited commercial experience. Since then I have been given countless opportunities to develop my technical skills by using the latest cloud technologies, working with some top-quality engineers and contributing to both established and greenfield projects. The broad range of opportunities provided, and trust given to me allowed me to develop from a graduate, through the ranks to a senior and now into a team lead role.

Cameron Andrews – Engineering Team Lead, Sydney

A group of RecordPoint graduates in a Zoom call
A batch of RecordPoint graduates in a Zoom call

Why should someone come and work for RecordPoint?

At RecordPoint we focus on solving some really hard problems facing society. We are all engineers in different ways, which means we are technology driven. The great thing about being a part of a fast-scaling company means that there are incredible opportunities for growth to anyone who wants to strive for them. There’s a principle from Good to Great (Jim Collins) about first caring about getting the right people on the bus and the rest taking care of itself; we’re building a team that wants to make a difference, and if you want to be a part of that, we’d love to have you along for the ride.

Anthony Woodward - CEO, Sydney

RecordPoint is not a company without flaws (you’d be hard-pressed to find a company that is!) but I truly believe that our honesty and transparency, acknowledgement of the good, the bad, and the ugly, and our commitment to continuously do better, mean that we’re heading in the right direction. None of this information replaces our cultural interview process, but hopefully this article provides us a common ground of understanding to start from. Are you looking for your next role? We can't wait to chat to you!

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