RecordPoint announces Google Cloud partnership

We're thrilled to announce that we've joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage program at partner level.

June 4, 2024
June 13, 2024
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RecordPoint is thrilled to announce that it has joined Google Cloud Partner Advantage at the partner level for the Build engagement model for Google Workspace.  The announcement coincides with the launch of our enhanced Google Drive connector, which allows users to effortlessly manage their Google Drive data within the RecordPoint platform.

Google Workspace is the solution of choice for many large enterprise businesses. When managing this data at scale, companies whose data lives in Google Workspace can significantly benefit from enhanced control over their data management.  

That’s why we created the Google Workspace suite of connectors for RecordPoint.  

Connecting the RecordPoint platform to Google Workspace applications means users can find, classify and manage their data in-place, with no interruption to the end user. With more clarity over their data posture, companies can understand what sensitive data they hold, where it lives, and how it should be secured. Connecting Google Workspace with RecordPoint, organizations can ensure compliance with relevant regulations, retain and delete information as required, mitigate risk, and bring consistency to their data governance practices.  

We’re proud to partner with Google Cloud for this initiative and look forward to helping enterprise organizations using Google Workspace improve the way they manage their data.  

See how the connector framework works here.

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