Service Responsibilities

The responsibilities for each party relating to the RMaaS service are outlined below. 


The customer has the below responsibilities in relation to the service: 

  • Defined a process for approval for disposition of records; 
  • For Freedom of Information (FOI) requests, customer must have identified and provided the criteria for the search request; 
  • Provide access to Records365 production tenant to the nominated RecordPoint staff  
  • If the customer wishes new sites to be managed by Records365, they must request and approve the sites 
  • If the Customer has NAP delete as part of their service offering, customer must define a process for approving records to be deleted 
  • Customer must provide details of any holds they wish placed 
  • Submit requests through Zendesk for these services: 
  • Application and maintenance of retention and disposal schedules​; 
  • Review and maintenance of rules​; 
  • Management of legal holds in Records365 on approval from legal​; 
  • Assistance with Freedom of Information (FOI) requests​; 
  • Defensible disposition of all records approved for disposal (on business approval) 
  • Identification of new electronic repositories that do not have records management applied​; 


RecordPoint has the below responsibilities in relation to the service: 

  • Processing requests in a timely manner and ensuring service levels are met 
  • Ensuring customer data remains confidential 
  • Ensure access to customer production tenant is limited to authorized RecordPoint staff 
  • Reporting monthly on work completed during the previous month 
  • Records365 is operating based on best practice configuration and processes; 
  • Data in Records365 is being classified based on the file plan and classification intelligence; 
  • Disposals are carried out based on agreed retention schedules; 
  • Records365 licensed connectors are configured, data is being managed correctly and the system complies with legislation; and 
  • Stakeholders can get analytics and reporting once a month from Records365.