Complete physical records management

With Records365, you can manage your physical and digital records together seamlessly, across all your information repositories.

Modernize your approach to physical records

Consistently manage digital and physical records together in a centralized dashboard—it’s easy with Records365 comprehensive physical records management capabilities, which include barcode scanning and loan request management. Customizable profiles enable comprehensive management of physical records to meet your organizational requirements.

Work more efficiently by decreasing manual input with scanning techniques and hardware that fit your organization’s workflows in the office and in the field. Records365 makes it easy to work with a variety of barcodes across multiple devices without requiring additional hardware or software.

Records365 has the functionality and flexibility you need

Information security and compliance where you need it

Consistently manage digital and physical records together under a single policy regardless of type or location. Our growing suite of essential premium connectors gives you greater insight and control over your information repositories.

“It’s about being able to easily find and retrieve records when you need them, to make sure that you know where everything is, and to ensure that we are using best practice wherever possible.”

– Fife Council

Information Intelligence

Does your organization need information intelligence?

Let’s explore how RecordPoint can help your organization increase compliance, reduce risk, strengthen data security, and improve organizational efficiencies. Contact us today to set up your free personalized RecordPoint demo.