Discover your data risk – and put a stop to it

Let the RecordPoint Platform find and classify all your data so you can manage, protect, and use it effectively.


Meet on-demand data requirements

Catalog all your data effortlessly and make sure you’re ready to take action on it according to any applicable regulations, like GDPR, CCPA, and CPS234.

  • Protect your customer’s privacy: Identify data that contains PII or PCI so you can manage it securely.

Know all your data – even dark data

Make smart decisions to maximize the value of your data and lower your risks – without interfering with audits or legal processes or violating any regulations.

  • Inventory your data: Know what data exists across all your data sources, from Microsoft365 to your CRM and more.
  • Know what data to secure: Make the right security investments when you know what security levels are required.
  • Only keep what you need: Make good decisions and reduce storage and migration costs. 

Act fast after a breach

Quickly understand what data was affected by a breach, how it will affect your organization and what you need to do next.

  • Identify data risks: Find and contain risks quickly.
  • Uncover suspicious activities: Track data movement with reports and ask better questions about your data.
  • Maintain confidence: When you know what’s breached, you can confidently respond and build trust.
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Comprehensive connectors

Our unique connector framework uncovers all your data (structured or unstructured) from any source – even your custom applications.

Intelligent pipeline

All data passes through our pipeline, which detects signals like data size, type, location, PII, PCI and also metadata enrichment from third party sources. Data is then de-duped, inventoried and classified.

Reporting & analytics

Identify the value and risk of entire data sets to build customized reports and make data-driven decisions.

Binary Protection

Binary Protection is an optional feature of the RecordPoint platform that captures a copy of the record binaries for all data managed through the connector framework.

Metadata Enrichment

The Metadata Enrichment module allows additional information beyond source system metadata to be added from 3rd party and external systems.


A better way to manage your data

Improved security and storage

Ensure your data is in the right place with the right controls.

Ransomware protection

Employ a rigorous set of technical and policy-based controls to ensure that customer data is kept secure and confidential.

Reduced Risk

Consolidate data to maintain governance and data lifecycle control.


Assure your customers their data is safe with you

Protect your customers and your business with
the Data Trust Platform.