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Hello! My name is Nuvi. I work as an Associate Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) at RecordPoint. I joined the organization in 2022 as part of the Graduate Program.

What is it like to work at RecordPoint?

I have worked at RecordPoint for 1.5 years. During this time, my technical and professional skills have grown tremendously. Learning from other team members has been a joyful experience; everyone has their distinctive skill set and is always keen to share their knowledge. It has also been a pleasure to make new friends and discover the different cultures and upbringings everyone at RecordPoint. Now it is my time to share. Here is the story of my Graduate Program experience.


Rotation 1 - Engineering

For my first rotation, I was assigned to the Engineering team. I was thrown into a well-oiled machine, standing there trying to catch the lingo and background context. During my time with the team I worked on: performance testing, app containerization, and general cloud development (database, logging, etc.). To complete my assigned tasks, I had to learn new tools - C#/.Net, Azure Pipelines, Angular/typescript, Docker, and Kusto queries - in a short period. Thankfully, my buddy and other team members always helped me and gave me guidance which felt less daunting and resulted in a smooth transition from university to a career in software engineering.

Rotation 2 - Professional Services

For my customer-facing rotation, I chose the Professional Services team. I learned a lot of important skills, particularly how to communicate with external parties. One of the migration projects had me actively engaged with the client during the whole project. The client moved from a different records management system to RecordPoint's platform. I used PowerShell for the first time and enjoyed being creative while performing data cleansing. However, technical excellence is only part of the work. We also had to identify the client's needs, anticipating future hurdles while communicating limitations in a palatable way to all stakeholders. It was a great learning experience for me, seeing the value clients get from the software I was working on in rotation 1.

Rotation 3 - Site Reliability Engineering

My final rotation was with the Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) team. I was assigned to re-engineer the development and CI/CD process of our network of virtual machines. In addition to the tools used for the project (image builder, infrastructure and pipeline automation, scripting), I had exposure to cloud administration, privilege, identity management, and security hardening. That experience helped me obtain my first Associate-Level Cloud Certification: Azure Administrator Associate (AZ-104). Even now, my experience with the project has helped me navigate the environment and grow from it.


At RecordPoint, each Graduate is assigned a mentor, who is part of the senior leadership team. With years of experience under their belt, my mentor was able to give career advice and nuggets of wisdom. It was also my mentor who convinced me to do a rotation in Professional Services. During our monthly chats, they shared what Professional Services does and where it fits in the business. Their eye-opening insights helped me appreciate the importance of client relationships and onboarding. Furthermore, during the rotation, my mentor played a significant role in guiding me and regularly offered me a helping hand.

Learning and training

The Graduate Program has a structured learning/training program called RecordPoint University, where team members take turns running a sharing session every fortnight. Topics range from engineering to product management and even soft skills development. Graduates also work on a year-long Graduate Project where we own everything from ideation and project proposal, to a working proof of concept. In addition to that, I managed to obtain two Azure certificates by the end of the Program. Going through a structured learning program as a Graduate helped me foster a learning habit. RecordPoint supports everyone to get certified. I am currently working towards another one!

What do you do now?

At the end of the Graduate Program, graduates choose which area of the business they would like to work in and I selected SRE. I enjoyed working with cutting-edge DevOps technologies. Also, working closely with a production environment motivates me to continuously improve myself as a Software Engineer. Some of the projects I have been involved in include developing virtual machines and their deployment process, upgrades on live production, environment health checks and alerting, as well as ensuring regulation compliance through system audits. Before starting the Graduate Program, I had never thought about a career in SRE. I imagined it to be a stressful environment. The rotation changed my mind. That is one of the best parts of the Graduate Program, the opportunity to try different career paths before committing to one.

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