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Hi, my name is Bradley and I am an Associate Engineer at RecordPoint, and I have just completed the graduate program!

Some of you may be thinking, “who is RecordPoint and what do they do?”. To put it simply we solve customers’ data management concerns by providing an industry-leading federated information management platform. If you’re interested, you can find out more here.

What is the RecordPoint Graduate Program like?

The Graduate Program was full of many amazing experiences. At RecordPoint you get to complete three, 16-week rotations in different parts of the company, over 12 months. The cool thing is one of the rotations is in a customer-facing role. For me, I was able to do rotations in Engineering, Product and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE).

Rotation 1 – Engineering

In my Engineering rotation, I was lucky to work in two development teams, working on both the frontend and backend of the product. One of the biggest highlights in this rotation was being able to see the features I helped develop in production helping customers effectively manage records. I really enjoyed being challenged every day during this rotation. This is emphasised by one of my team leads saying:

If you haven’t broken production, are you really a software engineer?”

Of course, I didn’t want to break production but it is really cool to think that everyone at RecordPoint wants graduates to challenge themselves and learn from their mistakes.

Rotation 2 – Product

After my Engineering rotation, I decided to move into the Product team. I personally had an interest in seeing how we translate our customer needs/wants into planned engineering work. In this rotation, I was able to help the product team prioritise new features and work on planning a project that will be on our roadmap. I found it really interesting to see the other side of the project manager/engineering relationship. In engineering, you don’t always see the reason why the feature you are developing helps the user, the product rotation allowed me to see the reason why we are developing the things we do. As a result of the Product rotation, I have become a better software engineer.

Rotation 3 – Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

In my final rotation, I got chosen to be in the SRE team (appropriately named the Avengers team). At the time of joining I did not have much scripting or Terraform experience. Through this rotation, I was able to learn and contribute to managing the resources needed for Records365 to run. I also got to complete a mini-project towards the end of the rotation, this involved working with a cool new technology called Privileged Identity Management (PIM) to store all logs created from any privilege escalation. This mini-project allowed me to use all the skills that I learned along the way to complete it.

After all my rotations were complete, I got the choice to choose where I want to go for life outside the Graduate Program. It can even be outside engineering! The opportunities are endless! For me, I ended up continuing on in the Engineering department.

RecordPoint University

Aside from the rotations, the graduate program has a formal learning/training program called RecordPoint University. I really enjoyed this aspect of the graduate program as I was able to hear from different team members from various departments of the business and learn crucial skills that you don’t learn in university. Also, I was able to attain two Azure certifications (Azure Fundamentals and Azure AI Engineer Associate). These two certifications have helped me gain a deeper understanding of how and why we use the technologies we do and make appropriate decisions when helping new features at RecordPoint.

The RecordPoint Mentorship Program

The Graduate program also has an amazing mentorship program. Every RecordPoint grad is assigned a mentor. This mentor is one of our leaders at RecordPoint. Personally, I found my mentor really inspirational. He was able to give me honest advice about my career path based on his experiences. He was also able to challenge me and push me to reach my potential. If I’m honest, I wouldn’t be the engineer I am today without his advice.

Social events at RecordPoint

It isn’t all work at RecordPoint, there’s time for lots of fun too! At RecordPoint’s Sydney offices there were many games of table tennis, Gartic phone and Happy Salmon! Ben, I am coming for your Table tennis title soon! We also hold regular board games nights, poker nights and Switch/Jackbox nights. I really enjoyed this time as I was able to get to know and become good friends with my co-workers outside of a work setting.

What I like about working at RecordPoint

If you can’t tell already, I love working at RecordPoint. Here’s what I love about RecordPoint in a few short points:

  • It’s all about the customer and making sure their problems are solved
  • We celebrate all victories no matter how big or small!
  • Being able to work with amazing people
  • Being able to gain mentorship from leaders in the company
  • Being able to challenge myself every day and work with new cutting edge technology
  • RecordPoint University workshops
  • Innovation days (aka RecordPoint hackathons)
  • The logo of course!

If you have any questions about the graduate program please feel free to message me on my Linkedin page. If you think you could be our next RecordPointer please check out our list of current roles and apply here.

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