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Hi, I am Drasko. Here are my impressions of the Graduate Program at RecordPoint. 

I was an intern during my studies and was offered a place in the graduate program after completing my Computer Science (Big Data) degree at the University of Wollongong

RecordPoint’s Graduate Program is a well-structured 9-month rotation program. You work in different teams and learn the full software development lifecycle.


My first rotation was in Customer Support. I learnt about the cloud and the legacy versions of RecordPoint, and how to use the ifferent tools required to complete my tasks. Working directly with customers gave me an understanding of the product. It also gave me valuable insights about the issues they experience with the software. This created a solid base for my next rotation in the development team.

My second rotation was in one of RecordPoint’s Development Teams.

This rotation exposed me to the software development life cycle. I worked with the team on planning, designing, developing and testing. 

For my final rotation I was in the Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) teamThe SRE team maintains and improves the SaaS services that RecordPoint offers. 

Being part of SRE was terrific. It exposed me to quite a few different tools. I was able to get skills on a wide variety of systems. This included working on database administration, learning and administering Linux, Windows, and working with Azure Cloud. I was also able to get involved with the development work. 

Getting into this area was intimidating at first, but as time went by, I adjusted to the hectic working pace and have very much enjoyed my time here.

What I learned from the Graduate Program

I have gathered knowledge and a greater understanding of many technologies/systems. These systems include Azure administration, PowerShell, C#, Python programming language, SQL server, ARM templates, control and alarm systems. Most of all, I learnt how to be a part of a team. 

Common across RecordPoint is a wonderful sense of teamwork and belonging. Everyone pitches in. They prepared an extensive list of courses and documentation I might require. They recorded videos of our training sessions and video snippets of explanations on how to get something done. I also had a pair programming session to speed up my professional development. Everyone was approachable and ready to help. 

Mentoring in the Graduate Program

RecordPoint assign a mentor to each graduate. This was a program highlight for me. Having an experienced mentor to talk with and ask questions was invaluable.

As my last rotation ended, I realized the opportunity to experience the entire SDLC was indispensable. It is an excellent way to understand the complexity of the profession and the different skills needed. It also helped me discover specific areas of interest and opened a path for me to become an expert in the field.

The Graduate Program was a great experience, and I am genuinely excited to continue to be a part of this growing organization that does incredible things.

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