End-to-end data management for

cybersecurity teams.

legal teams.

records teams.

IT teams.

  • Data discovery and inventory
  • Data classification and metadata enrichment
  • Sensitive data and duplicate detection
  • Automated retention rules and scheduling
  • Defensible disposal
  • Legal hold enforcement

Make information governance easy

Manage your information governance in one place

Discover all your structured and unstructured data, know what sensitive information it contains and act through automated retention rules and disposal.

Data inventory and categorization
Discover where your data lives and what’s in it
Identify and categorize your structured and unstructured data to store, minimize, or migrate confidently.
Data Privacy
Identify your customers’ most sensitive data
Detect sensitive data to meet privacy regulations, take action to keep it safe or defensibly dispose.
Records Management
Keep your data correctly labeled and filed
Manage electronic and physical records. Carry out legal holds, retention, and disposal – all with audit history.
Data Minimization and Migration
Easily migrate or remove your business data
Minimize privacy risks and data storage costs by only keeping the business data you need.

Discover how RecordPoint can help you keep your data secure, organized and compliant