Start your data protection off right

With automated categorization, you’ll always understand the data you’re working with and how to best handle it to minimize risk and maximize value.


Put the right protections in place

Classify data so you can target the right information for protection under the proper regulations.

  • Classification Intelligence: Use AI and ML to consistently apply rules at scale and reduce human error.
  • Speed of implementation: Proactively assign data and apply formal policies more quickly.

Secure your most sensitive data

Clearly understand the value and risk of all your data – where it is, how sensitive it is, and what will happen to your business if something goes wrong.

  • Automatic classification: Classify documents even without  formal policy to drive more efficient security.

Stop hanging on to data you don’t need

Know which information holds business value (and which doesn’t) so you can safely and confidently destroy unnecessary data.

  • Quantify unknown risk: Know what data you have so you can make decisions to minimize risk.
  • Understand your data flow
  • Better prepare for data minimization
file plan
financial auditing

Scalable classification

Automatically categorize data based on your organization’s policies faster and better than any human can with Classification Intelligence.

Efficient modeling

Your records managers and data analysts can quickly and easily build machine learning models - even without a data science background – for consistent categorization every time.

Built-in rules

Data Categorization does the most complex categorization for you and lets you have control over the simpler assignments.


A better way to manage your data

Improved security and storage

Ensure your data is in the right place with the right controls.

Data loss prevention

Prioritize, classify, and understand what data is at risk, and set up controls to protect critical or sensitive information.

Real-time data remediation

Cleanse, organise, and migrate data in near real-time so it's properly protected and does what it needs to do for your business.


Assure your customers their data is safe with you

Protect your customers and your business with
the Data Trust Platform.