Protect customer privacy – and your business

Privacy means more than just meeting regulations. Be sure you’re compliant and building customer trust by automatically detecting data that needs to be protected and handling it properly.


Know your data is complete and compliant

Manage privacy across hundreds of data sources to ensure you’re protecting your customers – and your organization.

  • Scalable data discovery: Know your data is right where it should be.
  • Manage privacy: Earn customer trust by always knowing what private and sensitive data you have, and where it’s kept.
  • Enforce policies: Set up rules to keep data protected and compliant.
  • Gather insights: Continuously monitor the creation and editing of data according to your policies.

Protect personal information across the board

Accurately and consistently classify and dispose of information based on privacy metadata.

  • Discover PII: Discover your customer’s private and sensitive data with Intelligence Signaling.
  • Catalog PII: Make informed decisions based on the data you discover.
  • Automate data rights requests: Catalog your data so it’s easy to search, apply updates, and audit.

Understand and contain breaches faster

Quickly assess the breadth and effect of any breach that occurs so you can resolve it fast.

  • Identify data risks: Find and contain risks quickly.
  • Uncover suspicious activities: Track data movement with reports and ask better questions about your data.
  • Maintain confidence: When you know what’s breached, you can confidently respond and build trust.

Scalable data privacy

Intelligence Signaling allows you to identify all privacy data including PII and PCI consistently at scale, no matter where it resides.

Transparent reporting

Make sure your data is transparent and auditable across all levels of the organization. Create reports to identify where sensitive data is and manage risk.

Audit trails

Stand up to audits or legal proceedings with proof positive of proper data use and destruction.


A better way to manage your data

Avoid or reduce fines

Build data privacy, protect against audits, and increase providence as part of your business process.

Quantify risk

Understand your data, know the costs of data breaches, and gain more control and data security around data sources.

Protect your customers

Showcase your privacy and security posture through DSAR and other requests with fast, high-value accuracy, with providence and audit response.


Assure your customers their data is safe with you

Protect your customers and your business with
the Data Trust Platform.