Deeply understand all your data at a glance

Intelligent, automated reporting gives you clarity on the type, location and sensitivity of all your data. So you can manage and protect it the right way, throughout its entire lifecycle.


Make more informed business decisions

Use reports to make better decisions across your organization. Layer strategic intelligence on to your data governance policies, improve your data security measures, and dispose of unnecessary data, ultimately reducing risk and cutting costs.

Swiftly identify and resolve areas of risk

Timely and accurate reporting allows you to quickly detect and address operational risk. Proactive reporting means you’ll be able to recognize and act on trends and anomalies in your data, faster.

Drive continuous improvement and transformation

Shareable reports mean you can empower stakeholders to communicate progress upwards, lead organizational change and champion compliance success.


Report on your whole data estate

Make sure your data is transparent and auditable across all levels of the organization. Create reports to identify where sensitive data is and manage risk.

Integrated BI reporting

Layer business and operational metrics onto data governance metrics for a comprehensive view of organizational risk and performance.

Use your preferred BI tool

Build your own reports from scratch in your existing BI platform, including Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, Looker Studio and others.

Pre-built dashboards

Access pre-built Power BI dashboards to kickstart your analytics journey, then easily tailor them to your specific requirements.

Compliance dashboards

Pre-built compliance dashboards allow you to monitor levels of compliance, differentiating between categorized and uncategorized records, as well as retention schedules and records due for disposal.

Intelligence dashboards

Pre-built intelligence dashboards enable you to monitor high-risk and low-value data, including levels of PII, PCI, and ROT. Identify trends and pinpoint locations where sensitive data is held so you can make informed decisions.


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