RecordPoint’s graduate program

RecordPoint’s graduate program is a structured program for recent university graduates to get their introduction into the workplace.

RecordPoint has been running its official graduate program for three years! The program has been highly successful, outputting many well-rounded, junior engineers.

What is a Graduate Program?

While not as common in America, graduate programs are popular across a range of business types in Australia as a way for recent university graduates to get their introduction into the workplace. Similar to an internship, a graduate program is a structured program commonly lasting 6-24 months and involves graduates completing rotations working in various areas of an organization.

These programs are designed to help graduates become accustomed to a workplace environment, which many graduates will never have been a part of before. Often, they will involve an extra amount of support in the form of mentoring programs and other activities designed to ease the transition.

The use of rotations through different areas of an organization gives the graduate the opportunity to experience working in areas that will enhance their knowledge of the organization, and expose them to roles that they would have otherwise not considered.

RecordPoint’s Graduate Program

At RecordPoint we hire recent graduates with degrees in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or an equivalent field. We aim for our graduates get a mixture of experience in both technical and customer-facing roles, generally experiencing three 3-month rotations, one of which is always in a technical team, another always in a customer-facing team. The third rotation is considered a “Skills Match” rotation and can vary depending on the capabilities of the graduate, and the availabilities within teams.

Having graduates complete rotations in both customer-facing and technical areas give them an in-depth understanding of our business, products, customers, and the full software development lifecycle. We highly value having engineers who can understand the pain points that our customers are facing and then develop our product keeping those pain points in mind.

We also have a strong mentoring program to ensure that our graduates get the best start in their careers. Graduates are assigned a mentor to help guide them through their professional development and support them at RecordPoint. Mentors are ideally senior members of staff and will therefore also help graduates to feel comfortable communicating with co-workers at different levels of the company hierarchy.

How Do We Choose Our Graduates?

When you’re hiring a mid-level or senior engineer, you want to see a certain depth and breadth of knowledge, generally in the same technologies that you’re currently using in your company. Fresh graduates out of university generally won’t have this level of knowledge. Therefore we use different criteria to evaluate candidates.

We typically use a group interview where candidates work together on a Lego creation to evaluate their teamwork, problem-solving, and communication abilities. Immediately after the group session, we then rotate the candidates through several 20-minute, one-on-one sessions to demonstrate their understanding of computer science concepts, their ability to write functioning code and to understand their values and goals.

Interested in Applying?

Or know someone who would be a great candidate? We have regular hiring rounds for our graduate positions in Seattle, Sydney, and Melbourne, where we look for candidates who are graduating imminently or have graduated in the past two years. Apply to our program today.

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