Here are just a few ways the RecordPoint RMaaS supports our customers’ business. 

  • Reduce Operational Risk: RecordPoint will assume responsibility for your records management operations, ensuring that your information is always governed and managed.​ 
  • Lower Operational Cost: Our ability to scale our team with a blend of technical and records management experience, allows our clients to minimize the cost and challenge of hiring, training and maintaining staff with the relevant experience.​ 
  • Maintain focus on your core business: Allowing RecordPoint to oversee your records management function, which is our core business, allows you to stay focused on what you do best – your core business.​ 
  • Expert knowledge and advice to drive compliance: Our team of experts are knowledgeable with real world records management experience, to provide you with the expertise required to ensure your processes and configuration of RecordPoint are aligned with your regulatory obligations and best practice.

Last Updated: June 28, 2023

RMaaS Features

Service Responsibilities

The responsibilities for each party relating to the RMaaS service are outlined below. 


  • The customer has the below responsibilities in relation to the service: 
  • Defined a process for approval for disposition of records; 
  • For Freedom of Information (FOI) requests, customer must have identified and provided the criteria for the search request; 
  • Provide access to RecordPoint production tenant to the nominated RecordPoint staff  
  • If the customer wishes new sites to be managed by RecordPoint, they must request and approve the sites 
  • If the Customer has NAP delete as part of their service offering, customer must define a process for approving records to be deleted 
  • Customer must provide details of any holds they wish placed 
  • Submit requests through Zendesk for these services: 
  • Application and maintenance of retention and disposal schedules​; 
  • Review and maintenance of rules​; 
  • Management of legal holds in RecordPoint on approval from legal​; 
  • Assistance with Freedom of Information (FOI) requests​; 
  • Defensible disposition of all records approved for disposal (on business approval) 
  • Identification of new electronic repositories that do not have records management applied​; 


RecordPoint has the below responsibilities in relation to the service: 

  • Processing requests in a timely manner and ensuring service levels are met 
  • Ensuring customer data remains confidential 
  • Ensure access to customer production tenant is limited to authorized RecordPoint staff 
  • Reporting monthly on work completed during the previous month 
  • RecordPoint is operating based on best practice configuration and processes; 
  • Data in RecordPoint is being classified based on the file plan and classification intelligence; 
  • Disposals are carried out based on agreed retention schedules; 
  • RecordPoint licensed connectors are configured, data is being managed correctly and the system complies with legislation; and 
  • Stakeholders can get analytics and reporting once a month from RecordPoint.

Last Updated: June 28, 2023

Service Exclusions

The following are excluded from the RMaaS service: 

  • RecordPoint implementation 
  • New connector deployment 
  • Initial establishment of Retention and disposal schedules 
  • Initial established of rules 
  • Any service not listed as part of the RMaaS features 
  • Deployment of additional modules 
  • RecordPoint Health Checks 
  • Services not consumed within the month cannot be rolled over  

Last Updated: June 28, 2023

RMaaS Prerequisites

The following must be in place ahead of the RMaaS service commencing: 

  • RecordPoint implementation complete; 
  • Retention and disposal schedule established in RecordPoint; 
  • Rules exist within RecordPoint; 
  • An agreed process exists for approval for disposal of records and has been communicated to RecordPoint; 
  • Health Check completed by RecordPoint of RecordPoint platform; 
  • Access to RecordPoint production instance has been provided to nominated RecordPoint staff by customer; 
  • % of existing records classified is within 10% of SLA; 
  • Physical records module has been fully setup if the optional physical records activity is part of the service; 
  • Classification Intelligence module has a minimum 6 trained categories if part of scope 
  • Customer has Zendesk Access 

Last Updated: June 28, 2023

Service Levels

The RMaaS service is available 8 hours per day, 5 days per week from 8.30am to 5.30pm AEDT. The RMaaS service is governed by a service level agreement (SLA) which is specific to you as a customer and forms part of your customer agreement. The service level is as follows: 

  • Twelve times a year classification of unclassified content is 90% 
  • Legal holds will be actioned within 48 hours of receiving criteria for hold; 
  • New sites placed under management within 48 hours of notification; 
  • Requested changes to Retention and Disposal Schedules occur within 72 hours of notification; 
  • Freedom of Information (FOI) assistance begins within 48 hours of receiving the request criteria; 
  • Monthly dispositions are executed per agreed defined work process; 
  • Key stakeholder collaborations occur the last Monday of every month (or another mutually agreed to time and date); 
  • Service Reports are delivered by the last day of every month; 
  • Services not consumed within the month cannot be rolled over  

Last Updated: June 28, 2023

Onboarding and Offboarding

Service Activation 

The RMaaS service activation process consists of capturing information in the RMaaS data sheet that outline the service requirements. 

Information relevant to the service activation include items such as: 

  • RecordPoint modules
  • RecordPoint Connectors in use
  • Number of records
  • Customer contacts for service
  • % of records classified 

The activation process then consists of the following: 

  • Appointment of a RecordPoint RMaaS consultant/manager 
  • Kick-off meeting 
  • Customer to provide RecordPoint Administration access to RecordPoint production tenant for authorized RecordPoint staff 

Service Activation Prerequisites 

The following are prerequisites to onboarding: 

  • Signed customer contract/agreement 
  • Customer purchase order 
  • Customer setup in Zendesk 


The service offboarding process consists of the following: 

  • Customer providing three (3) month notice to terminate service
  • RecordPoint providing final summary of work completed in last month and status of RecordPoint
  • Customer removes RecordPoint access to customer production tenant
  • Final invoicing
  • Customer satisfaction survey 

Last Updated: June 28, 2023


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