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The State of Records Management in the SharePoint and Office 365 Ecosystem [Video]

Anthony and Erica had the chance to catch up with Christian Buckley, Microsoft MVP and founder of CollabTalk. There are a lot of changes happening in the Office 365 records management space. Can Office 365 be considered a records management platform? How can you manage the lifecycle of content? Can you create a holistic content strategy across all of Microsoft’s content service? How can you manage all your content with a consistent set of policies? We cover these topics and more

System of Record vs System of Engagement

Systems of Record Versus Systems of Engagement

We’ve always seen records management as something that occurs within a content system. We’ve carefully ensured that records were stored in the Records Management system, in the correct place, with the correct category and retention schedule. This way of thinking hasn’t changed much despite the advances in technology. But what if there is a better way to manage records?

Managing Content from Departmental IT

The age of the centralized enterprise content management is long over as there is simply too much benefit in the wide range of modern use cases available in today’s collaboration platforms to go back to the centralized command and control structures of the past. The avalanche of content also makes it impossible to go back even if we wanted to. The challenge for us then as the stewards of information in the enterprise is how do we ensure that policy is enabled (and enforced if desired) across these many sources?

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