Onboarding and Offboarding

Service Activation 

The RMaaS service activation process consists of capturing information in the RMaaS data sheet that outline the service requirements. 

Information relevant to the service activation include items such as: 

  • Records365 modules
  • Records365 Connectors in use
  • Number of records
  • Customer contacts for service
  • % of records classified 

The activation process then consists of the following: 

  • Appointment of a RecordPoint RMaaS consultant/manager 
  • Kick-off meeting 
  • Customer to provide Records365 Administration access to Records365 production tenant for authorized RecordPoint staff 

Service Activation Prerequisites 

The following are prerequisites to onboarding: 

  • Signed customer contract/agreement 
  • Customer purchase order 
  • Customer setup in Zendesk 


The service offboarding process consists of the following: 

  • Customer providing three (3) month notice to terminate service
  • RecordPoint providing final summary of work completed in last month and status of Records365
  • Customer removes RecordPoint access to customer production tenant
  • Final invoicing
  • Customer satisfaction survey