RIMPA Live 2019

Marvel Stadium

The RIMPA Live 2019 convention provides industry professionals with an unparalleled forum for disseminating and exchanging cutting-edge ideas and knowledge. Each year, hundreds of delegates take advantage of the three-day convention to develop and broaden their industry knowledge and receive professional support in line with RIMPA’s strategic objectives.

This year, RIMPA Live returns to Melbourne to celebrate the organizations 50th birthday, in its founding state, Victoria. Expect exceptional presentations from local and international cutting-edge thought leaders and architects of change in the information management industry, who’ll examine the world RIMPA from tactical, operational and strategic perspectives.

RIMPA Live is not just a convention for the records and information management profession, it is the conference to exchange ideas and rub shoulders with industry influencers while simultaneously earning CPD points

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Hear from the Experts

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Friday, Oct 11 9:30am – 10:30am | Southside Room

“Intelligent Compliance in the Age of the Learning Machines”

  • Make better decisions with improved classification accuracy: The use of Machine Learning techniques to classify records based not only on metadata but also the content and its relationships makes the way records are classified more accurate to ensure your data is kept according to your organization’s policies.
  • Reduce the complexity of managing unstructured content sources: Unstructured content sources are an additional challenge to Records Managers that struggle to create metadata-based rules where there is lack of metadata to correctly describe a record. The usage of content and its relationships to classify information based on similar content is key to reduce the complexity of managing unstructured content sources.
  • Simplify the classification process: No more complex classification rules that have to be manually curated and maintained. Our classification rules are great to manage structured sources where you can easily create rules to manage your content but when that is not the case then Classification Intelligence is a powerful addition that aids you to easily manage your complex use cases.





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