Remote control: Managing data security and enabling productivity in uncertain times

Here are a few practical initiatives you can take to ensure data security, effective collaboration, information intelligence, and employee productivity in this “new normal.” Even better, these initiatives can be implemented immediately with your current IT setup—so you don’t have to spend a dime to get started.

How well do you classify?

There are many algorithms that can be used to train statistical models for such classification problems. As a Data Scientist or Machine Learning Engineer, you need to feel confident in your model selection – a big part of this is being able to easily compare the performance of the various different models against each other.

Four reasons why you should manage physical and electronic records together

Due to the evolution of the quick electronic records and the nature of some of the legacy records management systems, many organizations have followed the path of using different systems and different policies to manage electronic and physical. While the governance and processes around managing these two types of records can be quite different, there are benefits in managing them under a single policy using a federated solution.