RecordPoint Records and Federated Data Management

Reduce Your Records Management Costs. Boost Your ROI.

You’ve done your research. Invested in the software you wanted. You trained your team and implemented the processes, retention schedules and risk plans.

But looking at your program holistically, your records management is not showing a positive return on your investment. Reducing costs is an easy way to regain positive returns. This whitepaper will show you how to decrease your records management costs and improve your return on investment. We’ll also show you how RecordPoint can be the best records management solution for your organization that can reduce your costs and boosts your ROI.

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The ABC’s of Reducing Records Management Costs

Automate With Rules

Make it easy to for your employees to do their job and reduce the time it takes to get things done. You can do that with an automated classification engine.

Built-In Productivity Features 

Having a platform with built-in features that increase productivity and reduce inefficiency helps diminish costs.

Compliant Records Software

A centralized management tool that manages content in place across many repositories reduces management costs for each of those sources.

The best solution …

is to use a modern and compliant records management software that manages content in place across many content repositories using a single file plan, retention schedule and set of classification rules.

The IDB selected RecordPoint as our Records Management solution because it was the best solution to meet our requirements, both in the area of digital and physical records.

– Edouard Ratheau, Section Chief Records Management at Inter-American Development Bank

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