Information intelligence: Must-haves for your next-generation platform

Classify and manage information at scale—accurately and easily—the intelligent way.

It’s time you leveraged the power of intelligence

The way we do business has changed. So why would your information management processes stay the same?

An intelligent information management platform gives you an AI and machine learning–backed solution that enables the capture of more organizational information—classified, structured, searchable, and increasing in accuracy over time, with intuitive and singular dashboard management.

Best of all, this cloud-native platform integrates seamlessly with your content ecosystem, so your teams can continue to work how and where they want, while you benefit from the security and scale of the platform as a service.

This e-book outlines the end-to-end process of how intelligent information management platforms classify and manage content more accurately and more efficiently to deliver greater value to organizations, including:

  • The authoring, capturing, and ingestion of information 
  • The analysis of information 
  • The classification and management of information 

Take the next step toward smarter, more secure, and simpler information management, and start realizing the value of more innovative and collaborative work today.

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