Effortless Dropbox Content Management

Manage Dropbox content with RecordPoint’s Dropbox Connector and leverage advanced machine learning capabilities while preserving collaboration features.

Focus on the work that matters.

Compliantly and securely work on the things you value most. While never compromising on the safety and compliance within your organization.

Capture and preserve your Dropbox content, and more

Ingest content from monitored repositories like SharePoint, Box, OneDrive, Exchange and more without declaration or additional steps.

As Records365 has no end user involvement, your compliance team can be assured that records don’t get lost, and end users aren’t wasting time with manual processing.

How does it work?

Compliance Where You Need It

The Records365 Dropbox connector provides in-place records management for Dropbox content meaning files that are managed by Records365 stay within Dropbox so users can continue to collaborate uninterrupted.

Risk and Retention

Dropbox does not offer any compliance or governance features exposing organizations using Dropbox to significant compliance risks. Records365 manages the defensible disposition of any Dropbox content once it has met its retention period. This eliminates any risk to the organization, and ensures that businesses automatically manage their regulatory, legal, and information governance requirements.

Apply a layer of intelligence to Dropbox

Connecting content from all sources, within in a unified user-friendly dashboard

Multiple Content Sources, Managed

Content from multiple sources, such as Dropbox, Box, Office 365, SharePoint, file shares, and more can be managed using a single set of rules and policies, which are used to automatically categorize content and apply the appropriate retention schedule.

Automatic Classification

You can automatically classify your content as records inside Dropbox. Less work for you to manage, so you can spend more time being productive.

One Set of Rules

Managing multiple content sources under one set of rules and policies lets your file plan remain unchanged, allowing your disposition schedules to be consistent across all content sources.

Use Our Dropbox Connector To...

Increase Productivity

End users that work in the way that is best for them are more productive. Their productivity leads to a happier workplace and a higher return on your investment.

Reduce Complexity

Rules-based automation simplifies processes with an easy-to-use interface that empowers end users to be more productive and records managers to govern instead of manage.

Eliminate Risks

Disposing content defensibly not only allows companies to manage their compliance requirements, it also eliminates their compliance risks.

Australian Human Rights Commission Implements Intelligent Records Classification

Australian Human Rights Commission Implements Intelligent Records Classification

Through a corporate partnership with RecordPoint, Australian Human Rights Commission implemented an electronic record and document management system (EDRMS) with RecordPoint Records365, utilizing RecordPoint’s AI and machine learning technologies to classify records without the need for staff input.

Some of the successes the Commission is seeing;

  • categorizing individual records with an accuracy of 80%
  • seeing at least a 5% increase in productivity
  • estimates ‘it already exceeds the accuracy of our manual classification.’

Learn more about moving your organization from legacy systems to increase compliance and drive collaboration throughout your organization.

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