Atlassian Confluence Connector

Announcing the Records365 Confluence Cloud Connector

At RecordPoint we recognize that today’s information workers use many different platforms for authoring and collaborating on content. Records365 has always offered support for more traditional content repositories like SharePoint Online, and today we are proud to announce the availability of our Atlassian Confluence Cloud Connector preview.

Confluence support is a major milestone in our vision of providing record management regardless of where your content lives. Confluence is particularly popular in the software industry and has been making steady inroads into just about every industry.

This success is because of Confluence’s distinctive capabilities that provide a dynamic and powerful collaboration platform for Wiki-style documentation and project management. Also, Atlassian has tightly integrated other product offerings such as Jira with Confluence allowing for a rich collaboration experience.

End-users of Confluence are familiar with collaborating within spaces, (for example, “Research & Development” or “Team X”), creating content in the form of pages that are organized into a rich and dynamic hierarchy by authors and collaborators.

With the introduction of our Atlassian Confluence Cloud Connector, you can quickly and easily start to manage all the spaces and the content within them as records.

How Do I Connect My Confluence Cloud to Records365?

One of the core elements of Records365 is our connector framework, which makes it easy to connect cloud-based and on-premise content sources in a matter of minutes. Our new Atlassian Confluence Cloud connector is no different and setting it up in your Records365 tenancy is a quick and effortless process.

From our Connector Gallery, click “Add Connector” and then click “Add” on the Confluence Cloud tile.

Confluence Cloud Connector


Configure the connector by filling out the URL, email and API token fields then click “Save.”

Confluence Cloud Connector

Once you have updated the connector configuration successfully, click “Enable.” And that’s it!

With just a few clicks and within a matter of minutes, you are managing content in Confluence. Of course, we manage any content ingested from Confluence through our modern Records365 portal.

Confluence Cloud Connector

More importantly, all records from any of the content repositories that Records365 is managing can be administered through a single pane of glass.

Confluence Cloud Connector

As a result, record managers can easily perform record management activities like placing items on legal hold or disposing of items across content repositories without the need to worry about the specifics of how to dispose of content in Confluence.

Federated Records Management

Confluence Cloud Connector

As with all our off-the-shelf connectors, we process all content with our intelligent classification engine. Even though Records365 is managing content from many content sources, such as your Confluence Cloud, all records are categorized using a unified, easy-to-use visual rules builder.

As a result, there is no need to build a separate set of rules for Confluence. From the moment you enable the connector, all your existing rules start working on top of the new Confluence-based content.

Connect your Confluence content today.

If your workforce is using Confluence today and you have compliance requirements around record managing, we would love to speak with you! Sign up for our monthly demo webinar or fill out the form below for a personalized demo.

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