SharePoint Online Branding

Branding SharePoint Online [Video]

Branding your SharePoint Online sites to not look like SharePoint is more difficult than it was on SharePoint on-premises. The platform is constantly updated, and these updates can break your branding or even render your site unusable. How can we apply a consistent organizational identify across multiple sites in SharePoint Online? Eric Overfield, President & Co-Founder of PixelMill discusses options for branding SharePoint Online to avoid these issues.

Intranet in a box

Why You Should Consider an Intranet in a Box [Video]

Gone are the days where you needed to custom develop your own look and feel for your SharePoint intranet. Today we have many options for pre-built “intranets in a box”. These intranets can help drive adoption by making your intranet not look like SharePoint while adding additional functionality to make them more useful. In this video Vlad Catrinescu, Product Evangelist at Valo gives us an introduction to intranet in a box software.

Office 365 Architecture Information

How Office 365 Has Changed Information Architecture [Video]

Office 365 changes the information architecture game with modern team sites, communications sites, teams, and other new functionality. If you are tasked with records management, knowledge management, or other information management decisions how does this functionality affect you? Sarah Haase, Enterprise Collaboration Strategist & Corporate Librarian, answers these questions and also touches on end user adoption of these new technologies.