Digital transformation at warp speed

Infusing machine learning into information management

Employees spend about 80% of their time collaborating,* which requires having the right information at their fingertips. But with content and records increasing every day, that can be a struggle 

Information governance can address this challengeespecially when you automate processes as much as possible. But it’s not enough to just automate. You need AI and machine learning capabilities, too.  

AI and machine learning can provide actionable insight and take care of classification, entity extraction, and identification of redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) content.  

RecordPoint CTO Anthony Woodward shares what’s possible today, and what to expect in the near future.


Infusing machine learning into information management with Anthony Woodward and AIIM

AIIM opening keynote

AIIM’s President, Peggy Winton, CIP, presented the opening keynote on the role of records management in the information governance space.

Infusing machine learning into information management

In this recent AIIM presentation, RecordPoint Co-Founder and CTO Anthony Woodward gives a sneak peek at how AI and machine learning will change information governance, and how new technologies already can streamline how you handle content and records today.

5 fast facts on the future of information management

With AI and machine learning transforming information management, the time is now to implement solutions that will let you stay ahead of the curve.We’ve rounded up five key facts that will influence where information management is going next. 

*Collaborative Overload, Harvard Business Review, Jan-Feb 2016