Accurate, secure information management powered by information intelligence

Improve regulatory compliance, increase collaboration and efficiency, and strengthen data security

An information management framework that drives better business decisions

RecordPoint adds a transparent layer of intelligence over data, records, and content—no matter where it lives—that helps regulated companies and government agencies increase compliance, lower costs, and drive collaboration and productivity throughout the organization.

We deliver the information intelligence you need to achieve full regulatory compliance. RecordPoint’s unified, user-friendly dashboard delivers the ability to securely search, classify, store, and destroy all content, data, and records—with insights and automated policy application.

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Key benefits

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Compliance and security

  • Securely search, classify, store, and destroy data and records, regardless of where the information lives
  • Reduce e-discovery time and costs with the ability to search across all records under management
  • Ensure total compliance for all records, data, and content, and surface new insights with AI-powered universal policy automation tailored for any organization operating in a regulatory environment
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Centralization and ease

  • Consolidate management of physical records and digital content from multiple sources and locations in one centralized dashboard for complete control
  • Connect and control structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data across multiple locations—cloud, on-premises, file-sharing platforms, email, and engagement systems
  • Customize how you manage your data, content, and records, including analytics and reporting for business insights
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Lower costs and higher efficiencies

  • Reduce time to discovery with a centralized dashboard that connects digital and physical content from multiple cloud and on-premises locations
  • Get more from your existing network, systems of record, and collaboration programs, with a transparent and adaptable solution built for efficiency, teamwork, and cost reduction
  • Cut operational and litigation costs with a cloud-based SaaS solution powered by machine learning and business intelligence

Extend advanced governance to all content sources

With our suite of RecordPoint connectors, you can integrate external content platforms into your information management processes and workflows. Bring in data from Microsoft Exchange, Box, OneDrive, SharePoint, FileConnect, Dropbox, and Microsoft Teams—or use our extensible framework and SDKs to create your own custom connectors.

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Does your organization need information intelligence?

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Who uses RecordPoint

TNA recognizes the role of AI in managing the “‘digital heap’ of documents, emails, datasets and other types of information.” The organization is looking to Records365 to aid in the classification and preservation of records.

The machine learning model provided by RecordPoint and used within the Commission’s EDRMS implementation is a “genuine game-changer” and will allow other agencies using Classification Intelligence to experience equivalent gains in efficiency, productivity and cost reductions.