A RecordPoint proof of concept (PoC) is designed to demonstrate that the RecordPoint Platform delivers advanced data management capabilities, proving that RecordPoint is the best solution to deliver in-place data oversight.

RecordPoint supports the Customer in configuring RecordPoint in a test environment that manages in-place electronic content for the in-scope connectors, ensuring the Customer understands the value RecordPoint provides for data governance and improving records compliance and discoverability.

Definition and Design

Definition and design ensures all parties understand the project's objectives, outcome, scope, and success criteria, providing an overview of the RecordPoint Platform and delivering training. The Customer will also update use cases for validation based on the standard use-cases provided by RecordPoint. At the end of this phase, the Customer will be enabled to partner with RecordPoint to configure and test RecordPoint.

During this stage, the Customer and RecordPoint will:

  • Review the outcomes, success criteria, and objectives of the project.
  • RecordPoint will run a RecordPoint 101 session for the Customer.
  • RecordPoint will deliver functional RecordPoint Administrator training for the Customer.
  • Customer and RecordPoint will review datasets for Classification Intelligence experiments (a minimum 70 documents per classification is required to be provided by the Customer).
  • Customer will review the use cases provided by RecordPoint.

Configuration and Testing

Configuration and testing are focused on configuring RecordPoint to meet the Customer's needs, ingesting content into the Customer's test environment, performing Classification Intelligence experiments, and for the Customer to test the configuration. After configuration and testing, the Customer will understand how RecordPoint meets their objectives and delivers on their outcomes.

During configuration and testing, the Customer and RecordPoint will:

  • Implement RecordPoint base configuration.
  • Prepare and import the retention and disposal schedule provided by the Customer.
  • RecordPoint will define the security profiles in conjunction with the Customer.
  • Customer will register users within the Azure Active Directory / Microsoft Entra ID to allow them access to the RecordPoint test environment.
  • RecordPoint and the Customer will design and import RecordPoint metadata rules limited to ten (10) rules per connector.
  • RecordPoint will deliver a Classification Intelligence 101 Session to the Customer.
  • Customer will ingest content into RecordPoint for in-scope connectors limited to five (5) sites /folders/ email boxes per connector.
  • Customer and RecordPoint will do initial Classification Intelligence training for up to ten (10) record categories.
  • Customer and RecordPoint will review the results of the initial Classification Intelligence training.
  • Customer and RecordPoint will perform a further round of Classification Intelligence training for up to ten (10) record categories.
  • Customer and RecordPoint will run up to nine (9) user story review sessions as follows:
    ◦ Session 1 – Automated Classification.
    ◦ Session 2 – Classification & Retention Management.
    ◦ Session 3 – Managing Records.
    ◦ Session 4 – Disposal Management.
    ◦ Session 5 – Classification Intelligence.
    ◦ Session 6 – Reporting.
    ◦ Session 7 – Privacy.
    ◦ Session 8 – Search.
    ◦ Session 9 – Legal Holds/Freezes.
  • Customer will complete PoC evaluation assessments.


The evaluation stage is focused on evaluating the PoC results, developing a PoC evaluation report, signing off the report, and agreeing to next steps.

During the evaluation, the Customer and RecordPoint will:

  • RecordPoint will produce a draft PoC report.
  • Customer and RecordPoint will review the draft PoC report, and the Customer will provide feedback.
  • RecordPoint will update report based on Customer feedback.
  • Customer will sign off on the PoC report.
  • Customer and RecordPoint will agree to next steps.



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