The RecordPoint Health Check is designed to comprehensively review a Customer’s RecordPoint implementation status and configuration. Through consultation with key stakeholders, a review of your information architecture, and an understanding of current usage patterns and future state requirements, RecordPoint will collect the necessary information to provide technical and functional recommendations while providing a roadmap to ensure desired outcomes and future state are met.  

The RecordPoint Health Check is a collaborative exercise where RecordPoint consultants work with the Customers team to ensure the current and future states are understood, policies and procedures have been implemented, and rules are defined to ensure they support the business in meeting its compliance and information governance obligations.

The health check follows the below stages and a defined checklist to ensure all areas are evaluated, and the Customer’s business outcomes and challenges are at the center:

  • Discovery.
  • Review and analyze.
  • Validation.
  • Business as usual review.
  • Document findings and recommendations.
  • Present and refine.

Findings and recommendations will be documented in the health check report. They will assist in guiding the ongoing use of the platform by highlighting activities that can be considered to improve the overall health of the platform and suggested roadmap for implementing these recommendations, ensuring outcomes are met.  

During a RecordPoint Health Check, the following will be delivered:

  • One (1) project kick-off meeting.
  • One (1) technical assessment of the Customer’s production RecordPoint environment.
  • One (1) information architecture review for each connector in use for up to two (2) hours each.
  • Two (2) stakeholder interviews for up to one (1) hour each.
  • One (1) RecordPoint health check and roadmap report.
  • Customer to review the health check and roadmap report for up to five (5) business days.
  • One (1) RecordPoint health check and roadmap report review session with the Customer.
  • Customer to approve health check and roadmap report.
  • Customer and RecordPoint to agree on next steps.

Health Check Checklist

RecordPoint uses this list as the basis for the review of the current production deployment:


  • Ensure all licensed connectors are enabled and rectify any issues with connector configuration.
  • Review the data being ingested for each connector and review any locations that are not managed. 
  • Ensure binary protection is enabled and working as expected. 


  • Make sure that all licensed modules are enabled and are appropriately configured.
  • Review any issues with module implementation and usage.


  • Review record ingestion rates and ensure they are aligned with customer expectations and understand any blockages.
  • Understand likely consumption pattern against the licence.

Rules / Classification 

  • Review uncategorized records and rules to identify gaps where content is not being managed.
  • Review methods for establishing new rules and maintaining rule health.
  • Recommend additional rules or different strategies based on content under management.
  • Understand and review disposal practices and provide guidance on best practice.

Information Architecture 

  • Review the information architecture of the content source(s).
  • Make high-level recommendations to address any identified issues around metadata and/or structure.
  • Identify any issues with the information architecture that restrict usage of RecordPoint platform capabilities.


  • Review the identity and authentication method for the RecordPoint platform (AAD, other third-party integrations with AAD).
  • Ensure that RecordPoint Platform users have the correct access and any users that should not have access are identified.

Administration / Benefits 

  • Assess the satisfaction of RecordPoint platform administrators with the solution and identify any areas for improved processes.
  • Understand how much time and effort administrators spend on performing key tasks and make efficiency recommendations.

Business Value 

  • Review whether the current implementation has met identified goals and whether the organization has realised the anticipated benefits.



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