User Experience Records Management

Why User Experience Matters in Records Management

Whether or not they have heard or know about UX, all technology users are being exposed to good and bad user experiences every day. And the fact that the most valuable company in the world as of today, Apple, uses design to differentiate their products has influenced other businesses to value design in their own offerings. UX is just as important in records management – here is why.

Create Your End User Adoption Strategy

Create Your End User Adoption Strategy

In this presentation, we will take a closer look at the end user adoption work stream on an Office 365 project, and the associated roles, responsibilities, and tasks for the project plan. We will also review case studies to demonstrate how these differ based on the size of the project and the specific needs of the organization.

Microsoft Teams Tips

Top 10 Tips for Using Microsoft Teams

As a part of RecordPoint’s “Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Teams” series, we wanted to harness the collective knowledge of our staff around Microsoft Teams and share some of the lessons learned along the way. These tips come from our experience using Microsoft Teams internally at RecordPoint. They also come from conversations we’ve been having within our network of Office 365 experts, and from helping people make sense of this new tool.

Enabling Zero-Touch Change Management

Arguably one of the biggest challenges of rolling out a records management solution is the effort around managing the transition to the new solution. But fundamentally the key message boils down to engagement of end users. If they are not engaged, you can send as many carefully crafted communications as you like and even run several supporting training sessions, your rollout will still be destined to fail.

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