Race ahead with next-gen records and information management

As your organization creates data and content at increasing speed in a world of rapid changewe help you thrive by centralizing records and information management and infusing information management solutions with intelligence

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Records and information management you can rely on

When leading organizations in regulated industries and government agencies seek modern information management services, they turn to RecordPoint—trusting our intelligent approach to solving complex records management challenges to help them: 

  • Improve records compliance 
  • Boost security and reduce risk 
  • Drive efficiencies at lower cost 
  • Increase productivity

Thwart security threats and boost records compliance

Headlines about breaches and security incidents are a steady reminder that these are dangerous days. To protect your organization and maintain compliance securely requires information management solutions that provide end-user transparency and full insight into and control over your data and content across platforms.  

Reduce risk and avoid costly fines through our intelligent records management solutions that are equal to the challenges you face—enabling you to efficiently track regulatory changes and data privacy requirements, apply PII and PCI policies, and flag potential issues.

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Harness efficiencies and reduce costs

As your infrastructure footprint gets bloated, workflow processes get more complex, and new productivity solutions add cost and risk, it becomes difficult and expensive to keep your organization lean and competitive. 

Get optimal value from your IT budget and increase efficiencies by seamlessly connecting all data in-place, taking advantage of records and information management that’s energized by machine learning and AI.  

With automated data classification, ROT analysis, and advanced reporting capabilities, you can analyze and manage content and records at scale. 

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Centralize and simplify

Managing content across systems, protecting data, and achieving regulatory records compliance can’t be done if you don’t have a comprehensive view into all information sources across your network. 

Streamline how employees search, classify, store, and destroy data, records, and content with centralized records management, which provides more consistent, comprehensive, and customized management capabilities across all sources—including both physical and digital records.

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Streamline records and information management with Records365

Centralized records management

Connect data and content across multiple platforms and locations and get a single view with a centralized, user-friendly dashboard that empowers faster, better decisions. 

Easy compliance

Using machine learning and AI to automate how you manage records is a smarter way to achieve records compliance than relying on manual and time-consuming interventions.

Secure content management

Securely search, classify, store, and destroy data and records with a records management solution that protects content and information. 


Records and information management with smarts

Intelligent engine

Supercharge how you organize and analyze information at scale with an automated records management solution that provides for greater speed, accuracy, and efficiency than human intelligence can deliver.  

With our intelligent engine, it’s much easier to apply policies, securely manage data and content in-place, and discover documents, strengthening your ability to ensure records compliance and reduce risk. 

The engine at the heart of our records management solution analyzes metadata and contextual and binary data, so it can immediately flag PII, PCI,  and other sensitive information. It also provides enriched metadata using named entity recognition. 

Increase classification accuracy


Unite content from a variety of on-premises and cloud-based sources in a centralized dashboard so you can easily manage all data and records in-place, without interruption, in a way that ensures records compliance. 

With centralized records management, your employees can stay productive and collaborate in the way they like to work, but now with all information and intelligence at their fingertips—not just some of it.  

Connect all content sources

Federated management

Access all your catalogued and classified records in an easily searchable dashboard that provides you with a single source of truth to deliver records compliance. 

When you capture more of your content and records with an intelligent records management solution, you can apply policies and rules across content sources consistently, no matter where they reside. 

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Modernize records and information management

An award-winning approach to records compliance

Learn how Historic Environment Scotland centralized records management, implemented automatic data retention policies, and improved data classification to make it easier to maintain compliance with regulatory requirements. 

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