Improve operational efficiency and lower costs

Reduce operating costs through information management solutions that increase efficiency and productivity, and cost-effective records management that helps you get more value from your technology budget

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Minimize records and information management costs

When information management solutions lack intelligence, you end up with massive ROT—redundant, obsolete, and trivial content that takes up storage space. More importantly, it requires extra time to manage properly for compliance and hinders productivity and collaboration.

With our evergreen SaaS solution, you can quickly identify and dispose of ROT when migrating from legacy systems and avoid duplication and management of trivial content. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, we provide cost-effective records management that enables you to spend less time and money on managing information, so you can just focus on managing high-value records and data.

When you remove the burden of records management from your staff by using automated in-place content management, you can improve operational efficiency and ensure employees can focus on productive, high-value activities. Even better, they won’t have to worry about needless change management challenges or undergoing compliance training.

Cost-effective records management reduces risk

A utility company that supplies natural gas and electricity to more than five million households was using information management solutions that left its data stuck in silos, and didn’t provide the control over information and records needed for compliance, putting the organization at risk.

The organization adopted our evergreen SaaS solution to improve operational efficiency and energize its records and information management. Machine learning and AI added the spark the organization needed to boost efficiencies, improve compliance and security, and reduce costs.

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Cost-effective records management lowers compliance risk

Ensuring data is retained and disposed of on schedule, and handling Freedom of Information (FOI) requests quickly is a tall order for many organizations.

To meet and exceed compliance requirements, our evergreen SaaS solution uses AI and machine learning to scan, mark, and protect sensitive business data and confidential customer information.

This intelligent approach to records and information management helps avoid costly financial penalties and litigation costs that can result from failing to maintain regulatory compliance.

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How we deliver cost-effective information management solutions

Designing an evergreen SaaS solution

To deliver cost-effective records management and improve operational efficiency, we start with an in-depth analysis of your obstacles, risks, and requirements.

Once we define your strategic objectives, we map out the path to delivering the information management solutions you need—and identify how we can align technologies, such as automated records classification, with your organization’s business goals.

Putting cost-effective records management in place

Together, we’re building an evergreen SaaS solution that will serve you for the long-term, with foundational elements such as security profiles, open-source connectors, and metadata rules. At this stage we also test the classification intelligence used for analyzing and classifying records, so you can keep tight control over data, secure processes and improve operational efficiency, and achieve regulatory compliance.

Improve operational efficiency now and in the future

Information management solutions should not require ongoing IT maintenance or on-premises deployment. Deploy once to the cloud—and only pay for what you need with our consumption-based pricing model.

After validating configurations and rule accuracy, we launch. But we continue to share our subject matter expertise, proven technology, and commitment to continuous innovation—working closely with you to support ongoing efforts to operate more efficiently and profitably.

With ever more intelligent records and information management, you’ll get increasingly granular capabilities to deliver optimal insights, visualized by state-of-the-art reporting that helps you make better business decisions.

Records365 information management solutions

Our evergreen SaaS solution provides cost-effective records management that makes it possible for employees to securely search, classify, store, and destroy all content, data, and records using a single dashboard.

With a comprehensive, single source of truth, your business and compliance teams can make faster, better decisions, and automate records classification using AI to free up time and improve operational efficiency.

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The benefits of centralized records and information management

The business case for deploying modern information management solutions extends well beyond improved collaboration, increased productivity, and a surefire way to improve operational efficiency. Reduced costs, lower regulatory and financial risk, and increased revenues are three benefits that you can expect from a modern, intelligent information platform.


How RecordPoint keeps your data secure

Providing cloud-based software-as-a-service solutions comes with the challenges of keeping data secure and delivering information security and compliance when operating pre-production and production environments. That’s why we take a multi-layered, defense-in-depth approach to data security.

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