Get greater insight and control with centralized records management

Discover how centralized management provides seamless information management, making it possible and easy to deliver user-driven policy automation, gain real-time insights, and securely search, classify, store, and destroy all content, data, and records across your organization

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Connect data and content with centralized records management

When your records are scattered across systems and parts of your organization, it’s hard to be productive, collaborate, and achieve regulatory compliance. It also makes it impossible to get real-time insights from unstructured data, which makes up the bulk of the content your employees create in their workday.

A single, user-friendly dashboard can deliver seamless information management, greater content oversight, and improved reporting. At the same time, automating data management in the background, using connectors, helps ensures information is easy to access and can be directly managed in the systems and tools people use.

Centralized management makes it easier to provide documentation for compliance, financial audits, or legal needs and enables real-time business intelligence that draws upon insights from content across your organization.

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Upgrade your information management services

LOTT Clean Water Alliance struggled to manually manage a variety of processes and files across departments, and found it challenging to locate the right records and data to fulfill Public Records Act requests.

Switching to centralized records management with advanced search capabilities provided more seamless information management, saved the organization lots of time, and made it much easier to maintain compliance.

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Automate records classification

Ensuring regulatory compliance requires complete insight into all your critical data so you have full transparency and control over your information and records.

Centralized records management connects data, records, and content from all sources across your entire network and locations to deliver that complete insight and control, so you can quickly identify classified, at-risk information at a glance to manage by exception.

Having everything connected also helps you take advantage of user-driven policy automation, using machine learning and artificial intelligence to keep up with the scale of content creation and increase accuracy—without time-consuming manual review.

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How we deliver seamless information management

Mapping out modern information management services

Delivering centralized records management kicks off with analyzing your obstacles, risks, and requirements in depth.

Once we define your objectives, we map out all the milestones to deliver the information architecture and features you need—and identify how we can automate records classification with a retention schedule that helps you achieve compliance.

Building your solution

Together, we create security profiles, configure open-source connectors, design metadata rules, and test classification intelligence for analyzing and classifying records—resulting in tight control over data, secure processes, and regulatory compliance.

Continuous leadership

After one final check to validate configurations and rule accuracy, we launch. Deployment is easy, because we guide the process from day one and customize the solution to fit your systems and needs.

So you can continue to enjoy seamless information management, we keep evolving and upgrading our solutions—so your systems keep getting smarter and content always becomes more discoverable. In the process, we’re ready at your side with around-the-clock support.

As you automate records classification and tap into insights provided by centralized records management, you can fine-tune your content analysis and make better and better business decisions informed by state-of-the-art reporting.

Seamless information management with Records365

Make it easier to securely search, classify, store, and destroy all content, data, and records with centralized records management provided by a single dashboard that presents a comprehensive, single source of truth across platforms and systems.

With centralized management, your compliance team can make faster, better decisions across all your content, while machine learning and AI automate records classification where possible.

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Centralized management makes managing millions of documents easier

Historic Environment Scotland is responsible for a vast collection of historic records, including more than five million drawings, photographs, and manuscripts. The organization’s critical step toward seamless information management was moving documents from isolated local drives into one document center on SharePoint.

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How RecordPoint keeps your data secure

Providing cloud-based software-as-a-service solutions comes with the challenges of keeping data secure and delivering information security and compliance when operating pre-production and production environments. That’s why we take a multi-layered, defense-in-depth approach to data security.

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