Client Access

Records365 is designed to work with the following software:

  • The current version of Edge and Chrome desktop browsers.
  • The current version of Chrome for Android and IOS and Apple Safari on IOS.

To enhance security, all communication with the Service is conducted over a TLS connection.

Although RecordPoint does not recommend that you connect to Records365 by using older browsers and clients, we provide limited support so long as that software is supported by its manufacturer.

Specifically, if you continue to use older browsers and clients:

  • Records365 won’t deliberately prevent you from connecting to the service.
  • Records365 won’t provide code fixes to resolve problems related to those clients, but it will offer security fixes as needed.
  • The quality of the user experience will diminish over time.

For the best experience using Records365, we recommend that you always use the latest browsers, Office clients, and apps. We also recommend that you install software updates when they become available.

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)

Records365 leverages Azure AD to authenticate and authorize end-users as well as connecting to remote content sources via the connector framework. Azure AD is a pre-requisite for usage of the service. Azure AD is used to manage role assignments that provide end-users access to the Records365 portal through Azure AD.

Network Connection

The Records365 Service is hosted entirely within Microsoft Azure and is available on the public Internet. One or more network connections to the public Internet will be required in order to connect a customer’s network to the Service. All communication with the service is conducted over a TLS secured connection.