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Introducing the Records365 portal, where enterprise information and records management teams can easily connect and manage all their information across multiple platforms and locations. Here are just a few of the capabilities you’ll find in Records365—watch the Quick Tour Series videos for more information.

In-place content management

Quickly ingest and easily manage information from monitored repositories like SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and more, without the need for complex classification workflows.

Records365 is completely transparent to the end user, so your compliance team can be confident records won’t be lost. And automated processing means employees can save time and work more productively.

Content management with File Plan and Rules Builder

Records365 features a visual rules tree that enables your organization to globally apply governance policies across all information repositories.

Managing content with Classification Intelligence

The goal of any compliance platform is to reduce risk by providing governance over various types of content that can contain risk if left unmanaged. Classification Intelligence delivers automated information classification, ensuring the right policy is applied to all content. This is especially useful when dealing with semi-structured and unstructured content like emails or conversation threads. Records365 uses advanced natural language processing and machine learning techniques to make policy suggestions on newly discovered content that cannot be easily classified using a static set of rules.

Defensible disposal

Records365 provides defensible destruction of information and records at the end of their life cycle, with disposal and approval workflows built into the tool set. Records365 goes beyond basic deletion and provides complete destruction of the binary in its system of record, and a complete audit trail.

Physical records management

Records365 includes a comprehensive set of physical records management features that help records managers query and search through physical records, and track where those records are with native location management and service loan requests.

“The work of MHRA is to protect and improve the health of millions of people every day through the effective regulation of medicines and medical devices. RecordPoint will help MHRA take control of our vast stores of important data, realise organisation-wide compliance and help us maintain our position as a world leader.”

John Quinn, CIO, Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)

Improve your return on investment

Save on records management costs with RecordPoint

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Implement with ease

Get an affordable, turnkey solution that reduces setup costs and time without disrupting workflows. Save on information management and IT costs, and increase employee efficiency.

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Reduce your maintenance costs

Create a set of rules and policies that can be universally applied across all content sources. Manage a single file plan and retention schedule for all content, saving time and costs.

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Automate records classification

Automatically identify and classify records to reduce errors and associated compliance and litigation risks and streamline the information management process.

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Eliminate non-compliance fines

Prevent premature deletion of information and records to increase compliance accuracy and reduce risk.

Information Intelligence

Does your organization need information intelligence?

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