RecordPoint Records365 Product Update

RecordPoint & Records365 Product Update

It’s been a while since we’ve posted here to let everyone know about some of the great features we’ve been working on in RecordPoint for SharePoint on-premises and Records365 for Office 365. All product updates for customers are available under ‘Product Releases’ at the RecordPoint Customer Portal.

Here are some highlights that we’re proud to have released in the last couple of months. If you’d like more information, please don’t hesitate to check out the RecordPoint documentation site or get in touch with us!

Record Export to Azure Storage File Service

RecordPoint and Records365 now support exporting records to an Azure Storage file service location. This allows for flexible, compliant, and secure records export to an enterprise cloud storage location.

Record Export to Azure Storage File Service

Bulk Action Enhancements

RecordPoint continues to make more Records Management actions available to be performed in bulk, reducing the time taken to perform actions on large numbers of records and supporting your efforts to automate and streamline business process. Finalizing records and printing of label templates for physical records can now be performed from a Saved Query, allowing simple and repeatable bulk actions to be kicked off from a pre-determined set of criteria.

RecordPoint Bulk Action EnhancementsPhysical Records Management – Barcode Scanning Actions for File Movements

A highly requested item on our RecordPoint product suggestions forum, RecordPoint for SharePoint and Records365 now support using barcode scanning actions to creating and completing file movements, and manage file requests.

This saves valuable time for Records Managers tasked with ensuring compliance and traceability of large physical records estates and joins many other key actions that can be performed in bulk with scanning.

This is just a peek at some of the new features we’ve added recently, and we continue to add broad and powerful capabilities to our Records365 vNext platform, building on our deep experience and offering transformative solutions for compliance and records management.

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