The art of smart: Experience automated records management

Scale your information management activities by deploying our AI and machine learning–powered Intelligence Engine

Automate classification


Add intelligence to your records management policy

Leave your old approaches to information management in the past. Embrace the future of records management by leveraging the cutting-edge capabilities of AI and machine learning.

With our Intelligence Engine, you can drive value enterprise-wide—positively impacting your people, processes, and bottom line.

By transforming your tools and streamlining your records management policy application, your data is more securely managed, your content discovery process is simplified, and your organization is better positioned to reduce risk and ensure compliance.


Change the game with intelligent information management

Manage information at scale

Keep pace with your ever-growing data by using the intelligence engine that enables you to automatically—and invisibly—apply your records management policy to your content as it’s created.

Ensure records classification accuracy

Train your records management systems to get smarter over time, giving you supreme confidence that your information is being consistently classified with pinpoint precision and fortified protection.

Increase employee efficiency

Eliminate the manual task of records management for information governance employees and staff across HR, finance, sales, and other departments by empowering your intelligence engine to manage your teams’ content for them in-place.

Auto classification means more actionable insights

Automated records management enables you to instantly mark personally identifiable information (PII) and payment card industry (PCI) information consistently and at scale.

Revolutionize your information governance program with intelligence, and rest assured that your content rules are properly configured and your data is managed in-place—for the right amount of time—empowering you to remove redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) content with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

Accelerate decision-making and turn insights into action by optimizing retention, disposition, legal holds, and other processes.

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What fuels our Intelligence Engine?

The RecordPoint Intelligence Engine is powered by cutting-edge AI and machine learning technology.

Through applied intelligence, the engine quickly and consistently identifies sensitive data and ROT, improving your federated records management and optimizing your ability to limit risk.

Supplementing metadata with contextual and binary data, the engine instantly analyzes and flags your information—including PII and PCI—and adds enriched metadata using named entity recognition.

Equipped with a training module, you can activate the auto-classification of your content, improving records categorization without the need for a data scientist.


A records management machine that thinks

The driving force of Records365, our Intelligence Engine helps you organize and analyze information at scale—with greater speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

Operating at the edge of your information management processes, the engine equips your organization with a solution to enhance its human intelligence.

With automated records management instantly scanning, marking, and classifying every document with PII and PCI, you can more easily mitigate risk and comply with regulations such as GDPR.

Connector Framework

Unite content from a variety of sources in a centralized dashboard and manage data in-place, without interruption, ensuring your employees stay productive.

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Federated records management

Access all your catalogued and classified records in an easily searchable dashboard that provides you with a single source of truth to help keep your company compliant.

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Keep your costs under control

Outdated IT infrastructure. Operational inefficiencies. Non-compliance. It’s all costing your business.

Save your organization money by phasing out legacy systems for an intelligent information governance program that delivers improved IT performance, elevated workflows, enhanced data protection, and increased compliance.

Identify and remove ROT data to save on management and storage costs, so your organization can focus on what’s important.

Avoid costly litigation fees, expensive fines for data leaks, and other financial penalties.

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Information management you can count on

From organizations in regulated industries to government agencies, today’s top enterprises trust our adaptable layer of intelligence to tackle their greatest records management challenges.

Get rid of the ROT

Not all information is created equal. Automated records management enables you to identify low-value data and quickly dispose of it.

With the intelligence engine powering the removal of your ROT content, you prevent unnecessary information from being retained longer than necessary, helping your organization meet compliance requirements, reduce risk, and cut storage costs.


Deepen your knowledge

Get expert insights on a host of information management topics, including:

  • Protecting information in today’s remote work environment
  • Empowering employee productivity and collaboration
  • Developing strategies for modern information management
  • Increasing compliance through auto-classification
  • Leveraging AI for better-applied records management policy


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Thursday, August 18, 2022
08:30 AM
An interactive discussion and showcase of RecordPoint's layer of intelligence for comprehensive management capabilities over information.

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