Control your data pipeline with federated records management

Improve productivity and realize cost efficiencies by managing what matters most in a single, centralized dashboard


Ensure consistency and compliance with data governance software

Every new piece of information your organization generates must be managed. Federated records management provides you with the opportunity to apply record retention policy rules and preserve your records for as long as necessary.

With your records securely managed and easier to find in a single, centralized, user-friendly dashboard, you’re better equipped to meet your most demanding regulatory compliance needs.

And when your records have met their disposition requirements, they’re automatically flagged. This allows you to quickly and easily dispose of outdated information, saving your business unnecessary storage costs.


The future is federated

Combat complexity

Break down the barriers between departments by introducing federated records management and a data pipeline solution that provides your IT experts, records managers, and other staff with improved visibility and accessibility.

Boost your bottom line

Federate your information with automated governance—collecting content from multiple sources and applying a consistent record retention policy—to gain a single source of truth that helps inform revenue-generating business decisions.

Upgrade discovery

Easily find whatever you’re looking for by conducting a comprehensive search in one location rather than seeking information in disparate sources and systems.

Reshape your record retention policy

Hard-to-find information comes with consequences. Namely, it endangers regulatory compliance.

Arming the appropriate staff with the information they need through a federated records management solution helps them do their jobs more effectively.

With your data pipeline optimized and your content better managed, you can streamline your reporting processes, easily providing information to regulatory agencies to maintain compliance and prevent costly financial penalties.

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What makes federated records management tick?

The federated records management component of Records365 works in concert with our intelligent policy engine and connectors to bridge the compliance gaps in your systems—enterprise-wide—without change management.

By defining a global set of rules and applying consistent policy to your PDFs, text documents, emails, chats, and physical files, you can better ensure that your records are securely and consistently managed on an ongoing basis.

Federated records management empowers you to bring structure to large volumes of semi-structured and unstructured data. And, through a unified dashboard, you can easily view and track your data, no matter its location or format.


Reap the rewards of federated records management

Differentiate your enterprise with a solution that transcends traditional federated records management.

With our information management services you can tap into a solution that enables you to continually add value to your content—and quickly capitalize on it for the betterment of your business.

Seeing your entire assortment of records in a single, centralized dashboard provides you with the power to reduce risk through updated classifications and make insight-driven decisions to propel your organization forward and boost revenue.

Intelligence Engine

Leverage AI and machine learning to organize and analyze information at scale—with greater speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

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Connector Framework

Unite content from a variety of sources in a centralized dashboard and manage data in-place, without interruption, ensuring your employees stay productive.

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Securely manage your data with automated governance

Reducing risk and ensuring compliance largely hinges on keeping your data secure. Federated records management helps make securing your data simple by minimizing the manual effort involved.

With all your information in one place, your staff only has one system to manage, one set of record retention policy rules to apply, and one place to purge redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) content. This added ease can help your company avoid significant risks and costs.

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Information management services you can count on

From organizations in regulated industries to government agencies, today’s top enterprises trust our adaptable layer of intelligence to tackle their greatest records management challenges.

Keep pace with today’s ever-changing regulatory landscape

New laws and regulations are introduced all the time. This constant shifting means your organization has to stay agile to meet compliance.

Now, you can future-proof your business with data governance software, accessing all your information in a single, centralized dashboard and automatically marking it up with the latest legal, finance, or privacy protections to ensure you’re abiding by the most recent regulatory requirements.


Sharpen your skills

Explore best practices aimed at helping your enterprise prosper. Learn about:

  • Creating a road map for a modern information management strategy
  • Safeguarding information while employees work from home
  • Equipping staff with the tools they need to perform and collaborate
  • Applying record retention policy with AI and machine learning
  • Leveraging automated governance to meet regulatory compliance

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RIMPA Roadshow: Connecting Locally - PERTH

Thursday, August 18, 2022
08:30 AM
An interactive discussion and showcase of RecordPoint's layer of intelligence for comprehensive management capabilities over information.

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