Content connections for effortless information management

Make in-place records management a reality for your business and a breeze for your employees with connectors


Information management, yes. Change management, no.

Even the slightest adjustment to your processes can negatively impact employee productivity. With an out-of-the-box or custom connector, your staff can continue working in the programs they use every day.

As your workforce creates new content in SharePoint, local file shares, Exchange Online, and other apps, your business creates new content connections—with your connectors securely pulling information directly from the source and managing it in-place—and no additional employee training required. Connectors allow Records365 to work invisibly in the background, so end users no longer need to interact with an information management platform.


Content management made simple

Flatten the learning curve

Enable your organization to automatically manage records and create employee efficiencies by implementing connectors with no new interface for users to learn.

Ease IT issues

Decrease the time spent on developing new policies, procedures, and integrations with a custom connector that’s simple for IT to integrate and transparent to employees.

Manage content where it’s created

Gain more confidence that your records are being managed consistently, accurately, and securely by leveraging connectors to ingest content right at the source of creation.

Connectors ensure uninterrupted user experiences

Allow your employees stay laser-focused on their jobs. Our information management services help take the pain out of your governance process by letting connectors do the work for them.

With a content management system integration, you can manage information at its source without any user interaction at all so your teams stay productive and your data stays secure.

How do connectors help you bridge the gap?

Our out-of-the-box and custom connectors act as a pipeline, facilitating data flows through secure APIs between your Azure-hosted Records365 solution and your SaaS or on-premises systems and apps. This helps you seamlessly link to your organization’s content sources and manage them consistently.

With a simplified implementation that involves no desktop installation or service deployment, your business benefits from a hassle-free user experience one where automated governance takes place without any additional employee effort at all.

By offering your organization the flexibility to easily add a new connector or even create a custom connector as your needs change, actions like automatically classifying content or removing redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) data at the point of ingestion are simpler (and more cost-effective) than ever.


Facilitate the flow of information

Strategically positioned on the front lines of the Records365 platform, connectors help you unite content from a variety of sources and manage data in-place without employee interruption.

Wherever you create content, connectors reach in to gather the information and feed it into the intelligence engine for automated governance and classification.

With zero manual effort, you facilitate the flow of information, offering your organization increased efficiency and reduced risk through improved workflows and records management.

Intelligence Engine

Leverage AI and machine learning to organize and analyze information at scale with greater speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

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Federated records management

Access all your catalogued and classified records in an easily searchable dashboard that provides you with a single source of truth to help keep your company compliant.

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Create a worry-free workplace with content connections

For your employees to perform at their peak, they need peace of mind. Connectors provide your organization with a simple and effective way to manage records in-place without burdening your staff with governance issues.

By eliminating the need for employees to stress over managing every new file they create, or constantly having to train your staff on how to follow the latest information management policies, you cultivate a worry-free workplace where efficiency reigns supreme.

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Information management services you can count on

From organizations in regulated industries to government agencies, today’s top enterprises trust our adaptable layer of intelligence to tackle their greatest records management challenges.

Minimize costs, maximize impact

IT simplification translates to cost reduction for big and small businesses alike. Simple to deploy and easy to operate, connectors save your organization from using valuable IT resources to integrate multiple systems or train employees.

By automatically creating content connections and managing your information in-place, you improve dashboard visibility, making it easier to discover content, comply with regulations, and lower legal costs.


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  • Increasing employee efficiency and collaboration


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