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Seamlessly manage data and reduce regulatory risk

Bring more value to your informationno matter where it resideswith Records365

Organizations no longer operate in closed IT environments. The latest evolutions in technology and business practices have been marked by a move to the cloud, skyrocketing data volumes, and a wider range of formats and business-critical information for you to manage. With greater flexibility and access comes greater information sprawl—and, in turn, elevated risk around regulating and securing data. 

Records365 brings together solutions that help organizations like yours secure content and data and reduce regulatory risk. With an adaptable layer of intelligence, your organization will achieve greater operational efficiency, more easily meet compliance requirements, and extract better insights from multiple information silos—all while centralizing the management of your data.  

Come explore the limitless potential of what you can do to ensure you meet compliance requirements and have full control throughout the data pipeline, including while working in online and on-premises records management tools like SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, Exchange and Dropbox. 


Realize the full value of your information

Compliance and security simplified

Maintain greater control over your information by identifying, classifying, and storing data and content through single-pane, centralized management. With Records365’s automation and advanced search functionality, you will mitigate risks, keep information secure, and make compliance easy.

Data and content, together at last

Tear down the silos by connecting data and records from multiple locations across your organization into one centralized view. Optimize your data pipeline and enable better and smarter employee collaboration.

Higher efficiency at lower costs

Records and data management doesn’t need to be cumbersome and costly. Leverage the power of our AI and machine learning automated records management system to do the heavy lifting to improve accuracy, enhance productivity, and unlock collaboration.

How can an automated records management system support your organization?

As organizations become increasingly data-driven and cloud-powered, they encounter firsthand the challenges of mounting scales of information. Influxes of data present growing risks in meeting regulatory requirements, along with greater workloads in records and information management, leaving organizations to grapple with multiple systems across networks and physical storage.

Records365 uses AI and machine learning to help you manage data in-place, automate classification, and maintain transparency for information governance teams to review, refine, and control. Smart and scalable, our platform centralizes and auto-classifies information securely and compliantly to foster greater collaboration and operational efficiency, and to enable stronger records and information management.


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Intelligence Engine

The heart of Records365, our Intelligence Engine is always learning from you, enabling you to use metadata and machine learning to secure, store, and treat data and documents. With your new automated records management system, you’ll have the power to add transformative value and drive speed, scale, accuracy, and consistency.

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Connector Framework

Our smart content connectors are your key to improving the flow of information from a variety of sources with no business disruption. Both our out-of-the-box and custom connectors keep themselves up to date, ensuring information funnels through your data pipeline so you can accurately, consistently, and securely manage it in-place without additional training or product knowledge.

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Federated records management

With your records stored and managed securely, now it’s time to search for what you want when you want it. Use the Records365 single, centralized dashboard to keep your information governance teams organized and your company compliant with all regulatory requirements.

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Stop having to choose between improving collaboration and mitigating risk

Your transformation efforts shouldn’t have to take a back seat to your security and compliance requirements. With Records365, you can maintain impeccable information governance practices without dampening the access and insights your team needs to stay attuned and ahead.

In-place information management lets you connect and seamlessly manage content from multiple locations and platforms, so you can achieve full compliance without requiring any additional steps from your teams. Centralize your records and information management into a single platform to improve access and accuracy, and to drive better, more collaborative, and transformational work practices. 

Are you lacking real visibility and control over your data and records? Does your organization have information spread across multiple systems and platforms? Is it an uphill struggle to apply policies and standards organizationally?

Records and information management issues sit at the very heart of your organization. You need a solution that provides comprehensive information governance structure, robust data security, and intuitive content management, so you can protect your intellectual property and achieve full compliance.

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An integrated automated records management system that puts you in control


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