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Centralised Dashboard

The RecordPoint centralised dashboards provides tools to monitor and assess adherence to objectives and policy rules.  The dashboard enables the records compliance team to quickly analyse information jurisdiction, repository, and record type.The centralised dashboard “closes the loop” on the tool set needed to manage an entire information governance program across SharePoint and Office 365 and measure your record keeping systems effectiveness.

Classification/File Plan

Build your hierarchical classification or file plan within RecordPoint. These can be imported from common tools such excel.
Disposition schedules can be updated centrally for any records in SharePoint and/or Office 365. Setup of the classification/file plan structure is independent of your SharePoint taxonomy.


Manage the disposition of records and files that have reached the end of their retention.


Ensure that all content related to an eDiscovery, in your entire SharePoint and Office 365, websites, documents, file shares managed by RecordPoint. You can also use In-Place eDiscovery in hybrid environment to search on-premises and cloud-based records in the same search.

Exporting Importing

RecordPoint allows the exporting and importing of records by level of aggregation (box, file or record). To perform an export, a location must be specified for export.

Full Audit Trails

RecordPoint Auditing displays the auditing information collected from SharePoint to show whether business rules are being followed and ensure that unauthorized activity can be identified and traced.

Hybrid Cloud

RecordPoint’s hybrid cloud capabilities help organisations live up to their compliance obligations around policy-based records retention, regulatory investigations, eDiscovery collection, both on premise with SharePoint and in Office 365 in a single solution.

Long term preservation/Archiving

RecordPoint’s long term preservation capabilities provide digital preservation for your content to ensure that digital information of continuing value remains accessible and usable in your system in open standards.

Multi Farm

RecordPoint can be installed in a multi farm environment allowing more complex global architectures to be managed.

Open Standards - JSON/REST Web services

RecordPoint has been built with an open API, this means you can access much of the functionality of the engine through well known standards. The API can be used to perform migrations, reporting as well as building your own RecordPoint applications and connectors.

Physical Records

Paper and other physical records are here to stay. Even if you have a strong focus on moving to electronic records, some records can’t be scanned or stored electronically. SharePoint out of the box does not have physical records capabilities but with RecordPoint you can manage your physical and hybrid records alongside your electronic and hybrid records all in the one interface. Tracking physical records is easy with RecordPoint’s bar-code support and request management function. You can also attach company logos to record labels to ensure easy identification. Physical records and content types are fully customisable to meet your organisational requirements.

Policy Engine

The rules engine is at the heart of RecordPoint. Rules are used to evaluate content that is created within SharePoint to identify how to classify, retain and treat content. Rules tie together one or more patterns with a specific outcome. Patterns are used to provide levels of specificity required to identify and group content. An outcome can be defined as a classification linked to a specific retention schedule or action. Increases compliance as automation means the business user does not have to consider records classification when saving content.

Records Retention

Manage the retention and disposal authority of your records with approval workflows after minimum retention periods have been met.


Create custom reports using SQL Reporting Services for physical records that suit your organisation’s specific requirements use MS Report Builder to create reports easily without the need for deep technical knowledge.
Publish reports back into SharePoint for management tracking


RecordPoint manages and compliments the scaling mechanisms SharePoint provides. With RecordPoint installed you can centrally manage the deployment and use of SharePoint Record Centers. This results in can appropriately sized and managed records control for your Farm(s) to be able to perform as required. RecordPoint contains no additional databases or components outside of the SharePoint platform.

Security and Governance

Appropriate security and auditing is the cornerstone of a compliant records system. RecordPoint extends the SharePoint security model and inbuilt audit tracking by adding additional features to maintain the integrity of records.

Social Records

RecordPoint allows the capture of Facebook and Twitter feeds as records. Once captured, records can be viewed in place (in Twitter or Facebook) or through the record summary. This feature is configured from the active site using SharePoint web parts and active ids for Twitter or Facebook.


RecordPoint supports the transfer of your records to a standard specific format, currently the supported format is based on the VERS specification.

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