Content migration made simple, scalable, and secure

Bypass migration challenges while investing in a hassle-free transition to the modern workplace with RecordPoint Compliant Migration as a Service (CMaaS)


Benefit from a seamless migration of records that is cost-effective and high value

Your content is king. It’s how you differentiate your business, define, target, and serve your customers, and identify opportunities and risks. Given the wealth of records and data, this content needs to be sorted and stored to unlock its full value—and the path forward starts with breaking down traditional information silos and applying compliance that’s easy to manage.

With CMaaS, you can take advantage of RecordPoint’s expertise in records and information management services and experience a compliant migration of content from legacy enterprise content management (ECM) and records systems to the modern cloud workplace.


Avoid making common migration mistakes

Transform your enterprise faster than ever before

Traditional migrations are time consuming, but a seamless migration with RecordPoint CMaaS takes the guesswork and time commitment out of moving from legacy platforms to a streamlined work environment. We provide your organization with personalized support to remove the burden of compliance and file management from the end user, reduce overhead on your resources, and facilitate the auto-classification of content as it evolves or changes state.

Easily elevate your content migration outcomes

Lift-and-shift migrations only scratch the surface, reinforcing a legacy approach that holds you back from gaining new efficiencies, insights, and capabilities for your business. To help you get to work in the new world, our outcome-oriented CMaaS solution equips you with an automated records management system where data is classified, catalogued, and migrated to a compliant end state. Audit trails, version history, and chains of custody for records are also preserved and maintained for transparency.

Save money and effort, free up resource capacity

The potential financial consequences of a do-it-yourself migration and non-compliance with local and global regulation can devalue your investments in modernization and create unnecessary opportunities for error and risk. Leveraging CMaaS for your business needs ensures a seamless migration of records so your employees can get back to their specializations and make maximum impact—saving you money, effort, and resources.

CMaaS is information management services done better

Offering a fully audited migration experience, RecordPoint CMaaS is designed to give you a level of comfort as your high-value, high-risk information travels through the governance life cycle and ultimately lands in a compliant modern workplace. We apply intelligence to your information and set you up on a new platform designed for efficient records management that, in concert with Records365, automatically classifies your content in the background.

Discover the CMaaS content migration approach

RecordPoint CMaaS delivers in-place, hands-on records management with a seamless migration of content from previously siloed legacy repositories into a single, centralized content management system. In a simple data scenario, content is mapped to SharePoint with redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) content sent to Records365 and defensibly disposed. In complex data scenarios with structured binaries and metadata, the CMaaS engine evaluates existing content and data structure before mapping your records to SharePoint and Records365, applying intelligent compliance enhancements and ensuring a compliant end state.

In most cases, only records deemed high value by your organization are migrated and stored, with retention schedules also centrally managed. Data is maintained onshore to meet data sovereignty compliance, and files are subject to intuitive read/write access and improved security permissions. The platform is also configured with rules-based automation, powered by AI and machine learning, that removes the need for your employees to manually classify content.

The end result: your organization can easily identify the value in your information, improve search and performance, and reduce costs now and over time.


Leverage a full range of automated records management system and tools

Today’s workplace is powered by automation in records classification and management, due in part to the evolving maturity of analytics and insights. Built on REST APIs and a highly scalable microservices architecture, our CMaaS toolkit targets a migration of your information from managed content sources to your new RecordPoint solution. See more of what RecordPoint has to offer and how key components of Records365 help us deliver CMaaS.

Connector Framework

At the heart of CMaaS is a centralized solution that enables organizations to seamlessly manage unstructured content across multiple content repositories using an extensible connector framework.

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Federated records management

With your information conveniently stored and managed, CMaaS also ensures you can search for content without a need for manual records classification or compliance checks. A single source of truth helps you make intelligent data-driven decisions.

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Low-touch, high-value content migration

CMaaS is the perfect solution for organizations who are ready to dive deep into their migration efforts but lack the know-how, capability, or resources. We offer a full-scale solution for a seamless migration of records that is highly scalable, portable, and extensible—and we manage risk and compliance with critical oversight of what goes where, and when. We are the only cloud-first records management SaaS that leverages multiple open-source technologies and standards to lower your total cost of ownership.

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Gain immediate value from your decision to move to the modern workplace

Organizations looking to modernize their business and the way they deal with, create, and communicate information will quickly benefit from CMaaS and federated compliance. Thanks to the new intelligence tied to your records, CMaaS will help you realize productivity and efficiency gains and get more day-to-day value from your content. After connecting all your content sources, your organization will be in the best position to make the most of your content migration and breadth of records.


How centralized data and records can work for you

Explore the benefits of centralized records and information management services, including:

  • Raising profitability and lowering the cost of doing business
  • Minimizing risk related to legal matters and regulatory compliance
  • Automating records sorting, reporting, and discoverability
  • Enabling the extraction of broad business intelligence information, such as intellectual property or data about customer or client purchasing habits, preferences, and behaviors
  • Creating new business opportunities for the organization

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Discover the connected and compliant modern workplace

RecordPoint CMaaS is the best way to connect all your content sources, break down silos, and create an automated records management system for your company’s physical and digital information. A centralized modern platform guarantees your productivity, agility, and insights will reach new heights, leading to better decision-making based on personally curated and up-to-date data that is locally and globally compliant.