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RecordPoint is your on premise and hybrid records management solution. Compatible with all versions of SharePoint

Introducing our public cloud record management software. Built for Office 365, Record365 brings local standards compliance to your cloud

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Features to Record your World

Advanced Rules Engine

Classify, retain, and manage content by creating Rules that tie together metadata patterns to a record classification

Centralised Dashboard

Manage your entire information governance program across SharePoint and Office 365

Classification / File Plan

Build hierarchical Classification or File plans within RecordPoint or import them from another tool.


Manage the disposition of records and files that have reached the end of their retention.


Centralised management of legal and organisational policy holds across SharePoint and Office365.


Export and import records by level of aggregation (box, file or record)

Long term preservation / Archiving

Digitally preserve valuable information to ensure it remains accessible and usable into the future.

Physical Records

Manage physical and hybrid records along with electronic records in SharePoint all in the one interface.

Document ID / Permalink

Permanently reference records, files and boxes using a configurable, fully customisable number or series.

Records Retention

Central control over the retention and disposal schedules that govern your records.

Security & Governance

Additional features which enhance SharePoint's native security model and audit tracking ensuring the integrity of your records.

Social Records

Capture and manage Facebook posts and Twitter feeds as records.

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