Must-have modern information governance

Learn how RecordPoint’s customers have reacted to the new way of working

RecordPoint’s first fireside chat with Anthony Woodward, Brent Gatewood, and Miles Ashcroft to discuss our customers, their reaction to COVID-19, and information intelligence.

Stay up to date on compliance standards

Learn about industry-, technology-, and geography-based regulations that may apply to your organization’s data.

Manage your organization’s data in-place, wherever your end users want to work and collaborate

Reduce costs through machine learning, automation, and centralized data management

The benefits of centralized compliance

Organizations today face increased regulation, rapidly evolving data structures, and countless new tools to integrate into their operations. Learn how our adaptable layer of intelligence offers complete insight and control over all in-place data, records, and content, enabling organizations to increase compliance and reduce costs.

Easily manage physical and electronic files together

Even in this digital age, many organizations still rely on physical records. RecordPoint enables you to manage physical and electronic content together, resulting in a better information governance program, and improved e-discovery, productivity, and cost-efficiency.

Australian Human Rights Commission achieves 30% increase in accuracy over traditional classification with Records365 Classification Intelligence

According to the National Archives of Australia, the Commission is the current thought leader for records management in the Australian government. Through a partnership with RecordPoint, the Commission employed AI to achieve more accurate information classification while increasing productivity.

Identify potential risks with real-time insights, and streamline workflows in one dashboard

A centralized view provides insights across information and processes and positions common actions on the home page, saving time on everyday tasks.

Information Intelligence

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