RIMPA Live 2021

Hyatt Hotel Canberra

RIMPA 2021 will shift your thoughts towards a modern and holistic approach to all facets of information management, a way forward by ‘Keeping P.A.C.E’ with the profession.
Covering all facets of information and records management including compliance, privacy, data management, records management, digital preservation, education, leadership, and information management. Industry experts will gather and join us from all around the world to share their P.A.C.E with us.

Don’t miss THE event of 2021, a chance to reset, reconnect and reignite your relationships with old and new colleagues, field specialists and the RIMPA community.

  • Practical *Hands on sessions, panels & workshops
  • Anecdotal *Case studies
  • Cultural *Non-traditional facets
  • Eventual *Future trends


Join RecordPoint after the keynote!

Wednesday – October 13, 10:40-11:10am

“The Evolution to Comprehensive, Zero-Touch, In-Place Information Management”

Following the vision of the Australian federal government, it has been an imperative for records management platforms to deliver compliance without relying on or interfering with the workflows of employees. After surveying the options, the Department of Finance came up with an archetype for a modern solution that included the ability to capture records in place, capitalise on AI and machine learning efficiencies, and minimise end user involvement. What does this look like today, over 5 years since the government recognised the need for a new way forward?

Working closely with Australian public sector customers, RecordPoint has embraced these modern principles and gone beyond the records management challenge to bring to market:

  • A comprehensive solution that federates across multiple systems
  • Easy deployment with no change management for end users
  • AI and machine learning to auto-classify information and remove ROT, at the scale organisations require today
  • Development of analysis tools to more holistically identify PII and PCI to meet consumer privacy requirements


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